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Golden TV is an online event for those who remember the golden age of television


This summer children’s ministers and volunteers throughout North Alabama successfully collaborated to develop a virtual Vacation Bible School experience. Now, local church leaders who work with God’s older children are developing an online event for those who remember the golden age of television. Golden TV will take place on Friday, November 13 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. using the Zoom platform. It will feature information, education and entertainment. Participants will be able to learn about the ...

Silent Retreats postponed until 2021


After prayer and discussion with Sacred Heart Retreat Center about the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing requirements, Silent Retreat leaders Rev. Susie Knedlik and Deanna Shotts decided it would be in the best interest of participants and the sisters at Sacred Heart to cancel the Silent Retreats for 2020. Participants who had already registered for 2020 can choose to receive a refund or apply their payment to one of next year's retreats. Contact Deanna Shotts to request a refund or ...

Adult Discipleship Blog: Racial Relationships within American Methodism


I have been blessed by the opportunity to teach in the Alabama Course of Study School for several years now. The work continues to be rewarding to me, and the students continue to challenge me to grow in every way—mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and theologically. I have adapted a course on the Wesleyan Movement that I teach in an online format; as I write this, the students and I are nearing the end of that course. As part of the class work for the course I asked students to write an essay...

National Day of Prayer


Dear Friends, Lyn Cosby, the staff representative for the Adult Discipleship Team, shares some thoughts  for the National Day of Prayer.  The Adult Discipleship Team is the group that offers the Pray Together podcast. The podcast is available on iTunes (Pray Together UMCNA)  or Today is the National Day of Prayer in the United States.   The National Day of Prayer, according to, is “… an annual day of observance held on the first Thursday of May, ...

Discipleship Ministries offers new spiritual gifts online tool and other resources


Christian believers can discover their spiritual gifts and how to use them with a new online tool and other resources available from Discipleship Ministries. The resources include The Spiritual Gifts Assessment Inventory tool, which can help people learn how to use their God-given spiritual attributes to become intentional disciple-makers. “Everybody knows our mission is to make disciples for Jesus Christ, but some people may not understand that does not just happen coincidentally. It happens ...

Spring Silent Retreat registration now open


Maybe you're new or newly-returned to organized worship and you're ready to discern God's call on your life. Perhaps you're a regular church-goer who yearns to go deeper. You're thirsty for a sign or nudge from God about your next steps. Or maybe you're weary of the divisiveness of today's world and you long to shut out the clanging cymbals that seem to surround you. If you yearn for time and space to just be in the presence of God, you will certainly benefit from attending the Silent Retreat...

Cheaha District workshop offers opportunity to recenter


"When angry, count to ten before you speak. If very angry, a hundred," said Thomas Jefferson. It's good advice. "Take a deep breath and count to ten," was the guidance my mother gave to me as a child whenever I became angry. I can't say I received her guidance very well in the heat of my angry moments. In fact I resisted almost all guidance whenever I lost my temper, often with hurtful consequences. I don't know how many raging mad episodes I caused, before I weighed the alternatives and ...

If You Liked “The Office,” You’ll Love “The Committee”

by: Adult Discipleship Team


Utilizing its popular character from the “Chuck Knows Church” video series, Discipleship Ministries released a series of sixteen videos, “The Committee.” The videos focus on the fictitious Park Grove Community Church, which is without a pastor and contemplating closure. Mixing “Office-like” humor and familiar traits of many of our United Methodist churches and leadership teams, each episode lasts about 15 minutes and follows meetings of the committee as our hero, Chuck, helps them process their ...

Message from Bishop Wallace-Padgett: Read Together and Pray Together

by: Debra Wallace-Padgett


Dear Friends, Every Christian is called to be a follower. Indeed Christian disciples are continually growing in our capacity to follow Jesus. Though God is the One who empowers us to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ, we have an important part to play in the process. Practices that result in our spending regular quality time with God make a huge difference in our development as disciples. Since discipleship is not a solo venture, it is essential that we practice holy habits both as ...

Silent Retreat ideal opportunity for prayer and contemplation


It's a busy, noisy world out there. Advanced technology has its rewards, but it also has its drawbacks. Information sometimes comes at us faster than we can process it. Many of us yearn for time and space to just be, and be in the presence of God. The Silent Retreat offers just such time and space. The next retreat is April 5-7, 2019. Retreats are held at the Benedictine Sisters Retreat Center of the Sacred Heart Monastery, 916 Convent Road NE in Cullman. Imagine peace and tranquility in a holy...

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