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Advocacy for Social Justice

Advocacy For Social Justice Blog: Reflections on the Death of Michael Brown


Reflections on the Death of Michael Brown: A Letter to White People: This past Saturday, 18 year-old Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.  This is the third time in the last several years that an unarmed black teenager was killed by a white person and the 4th time in the last month that an unarmed black man has been killed by police.  The facts of the case are still being investigated, but you can read a synopsis of what is known so far here.  Many people ...

Advocacy For Social Justice Blog: The Crisis at our Border


Photo: A young boy peers through the border fence between the U.S. and Mexico at El Faro Park in Tijuana, Mexico. A UMNS photo by Mike DuBose. The article below was written by John Bailey, pastor of Missions and Evangelism, at Huntsville FUMC and appeared in the Aug. 4 opinion page of  John has given us permission to share his words on our blog. In recent months over 34,000 children from Central America have come to the U.S. border seeking refuge in the United States. The theories as to ...

Advocacy For Social Justice Blog: "Walking with Palestinian Christians for Holy Justice and Peace" Conference


Photo from event brochure "Walking with Palestinian Christians for Holy Justice and Peace" a conference co-sponsored by the UM General Board of Global Ministries and the Ginghamsburg UMC in Tipp City, Ohio. There's an old saying that you don't really know someone until you have walked a mile in his moccasins. And there's a song you might have heard in your church, "I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked." Whether either the saying or the song was thought of when the upcoming event was being planned, ...

Advocacy for Social Justice Blog: Faith and Global Events


Faith and Global Events June 27 and 28 Camp Sumatanga lodging at Eva Walker Lodge and Retreat Center in motel accommodations $100 per person (double occupancy) Mark Sheldon Jim Winkler Led by Mark Sheldon, of the International Asian Studies Program at The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Jim Winkler, General Secretary/President of the National Council of Churches. The North Alabama Conference of the United Methodist Church has a long history of involvement in peace and social ...

Community Forum, “Working for Wages, No Wages for Work?”


Kim Bobo - GBM event at St. Paul UMC  Kim Bobo Dr. Martin L. King Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968 in Memphis, TN. He was in Memphis to help fight for the rights of sanitation workers. Last evening, April 3, 2014, Greater Birmingham Ministries held a community forum, “Working for Wages, No Wages for Work?” at St. Paul UMC in Birmingham. Presenter at the event was Kim Bobo, author of “Wage Theft in America” the Executive Director of Interfaith Worker Justice. She gave practical ...

Advocacy for Social Justice Blog: Children: A Link Between Poverty, Metal Illness & Guns


Poverty is a strong word – when you hear it, distressing images of starving children in third world countries tends to spring to mind.  We don’t often hear it in the context of "our nation."  As an established first world nation most of us naturally assume that we don’t have poverty in our nation.  The word "poverty" itself invokes a sense of not just being poor but abjectly poor, struggling to put food on the table.  Most people assume this kind of poverty does not exist in the United States.  ...

Advocacy for Social Justice Blog: Reflections on the Trial of Michael Dunn and the death of Jordan Davis


This past week, the jury in the Michael Dunn trial found him guilty of second degree attempted murder but was not able to reach a verdict on the account of 1st degree murder in the killing of Jordan Davis.  Here’s what happened: Michael Dunn, who is white, was parked next to four young African American men were playing rap music loudly in the parking lot of a convenience store.  Dunn confronted them and told them to turn off the music.  One of the young men apparently cursed Dunn and turned the ...

Advocacy for Social Justice Blog: Predatory Lending is killing the hopes of many


Marcus Singleton is the pastor of Living Faith Community UMC and is the president of the board of Birmingham Faith in Action, an ecumenical collaboration of faith communities that works to do justice in the Birmingham area.  Predatory lending has been in the news quite a bit lately as a bipartisan coalition that includes advocacy groups, faith communities, credit counselors, the federation of Republican Women, and many others has been working to get the legislature to pass a law that would cap ...

Advocacy for Social Justice Blog: Two important events in Montgomery in the coming weeks


2 Upcoming Events The Justice and Advocacy team would like to invite United Methodists from across our conference to two important events in Montgomery in the coming weeks.  First, a coalition of faith leaders, community advocates, and credit counselors have been working for a number of year to reform Alabama’s payday and title loan industry.  Currently pay-day lenders (some call them predatory lenders) can charge up to 456% interest and usually set up shop in poor neighborhoods.  Title loan ...

Advocacy for Social Justice Blog: Taking Care of the Children


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about a holy moment I experienced in April 1999.  I was visiting my godmother, Mary Lib Lowery, a diaconal minister loved by many in the North Alabama Conference, as she lay near her earthly death in the hospital.  Cancer.  It had eaten away a lot of her face, but it couldn’t break her amazing and generous spirit!  Many of us who loved her and sat with her during her last week spoke, and still speak, of how she ministered to us during those final days.  My most ...

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