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Advocacy for Social Justice

Advocacy for Social Justice Blog: A Moral Budget: It Doesn't take a Miracle Loaves and Fishes Day of Action


A Moral Budget: It Doesn’t take a Miracle Loaves and Fishes Day of Action One of the primary debates in Washington right now is in how to solve the country’s debt and budget deficit.  Many clergy and people of faith are urging lawmakers to make sure that we protect the country’s most vulnerable and avoid spending cuts that would hurt the poor and middle class.  The United Methodist Social Principles support progressive tax structures that ask the rich to pay more and protects programs for the ...

Advocacy for Social Justice: The Death Penalty and our Lenten Journey


The Death Penalty and our Lenten Journey As we continue our Lenten journey toward Easter, our disciplines of penitence, reflection, devotion and self-denial seem oddly juxtaposed against the backdrop of the present Legislative session progressing rapidly around and within the State House in Montgomery. Within these halls, countless decisions are made daily with substantial implications for justice. Select decisions are chosen to receive significant notice, while most others are allowed to pass ...

Advocacy for Social Justice Blog 03.04.2013


This Thursday, Alabama ARISE, an organization that advocates with the state legislature for low-income Alabamians (and financially supported by the Advocacy and Social Justice Team) is hosting its annual lobby day.  This is a great opportunity for us as United Methodists to come Montgomery to remind our elected leaders of Christ’s call to “care for the least of these.”  I hope you will all consider attending.  The schedule for the day is: 9:30AM – Registration 10AM – Issue Briefing 11AM – ...

Advocacy for Social Justice Blog: Daybreak in Alabama resource


Daybreak in Alabama Yesterday, we shared the Daybreak in Alabama video on predatory lending.  We hope this video series and the accompanying study guides can be a great resource for our churches.  Chuck Vedane, a Trinity member and driving force behind the Daybreak videos shares his thoughts on the Daybreak in Alabama Resource:  When it comes to predatory lending, Alabamians have four choices: Choice 1: Keep current regulatory guidance of the industry as it is. There is a great need for ...

Advocacy for Social Justice Blog: Lent


Lent During this Lent, thousands of faithful United Methodists in Alabama and millions of Christians worldwide will join our spirits in a season of penitence, reflection, devotion, and even self-denial.  Some will struggle to imagine our own mortality, even when ashes smudge our foreheads. Some will recognize frailty in the human body looking back from the mirror - broken from lack of affordable care or access to medicine or safe environments in which to live. Some will chose to give up luxuries...

Advocacy for Social Justice Blog: National Day of Action Against Predatory Lending


National Day of Action Against Predatory Lending Tomorrow, United Methodists are joining with many others in the National Day of Action Against Predatory Lending.  Predatory Lending is a form of lending that specifically targets low-income people who often find themselves in immediate and desperate need for cash.  These lending companies provide that cash, but then charge exorbitant interest, sometimes as much as 400%.  The Daybreak in Alabama video series produced in part by Trinity UMC ...

Advocacy for Social Justice: Doing Justice: Ways you can take action


Doing Justice: Ways you can take action In this blog, we hope we can foster dialogue and conversation about how our faith informs the work of justice, share stories of how our churches are engaged in justice work, and share stories about how justice issues affect people in our communities.  But we also want this blog to be a resource about ways you can take action to work for justice.  We have several opportunities to do just that in the next few weeks: Urge your lawmakers to support gun ...

Advocacy for Social Justice Blog: A Modest Suggestion for Our Churches


A Modest Suggestion for Our Churches For nine years (1991-2000) I served the broader Annual Conference as the Conference Mission Secretary working on issues of mission and outreach in our churches. It was a fascinating time of visiting dozens of our churches, large and small, white and black and Hispanic, conservative and liberal, active and alive, stale and dying. I learned many things during these visits.  Most of all I learned that our churches want to do the right thing, to love God and ...

Advocacy for Social Justice Blog: Advent 2012


Advent 2012 The season of Advent is upon us once again with all of its attendant busyness; parties to attend, shopping to be done, exhaustion to be experienced. Everywhere you go there are Christmas Carols and Christmas songs playing. Christmas gear fills the stores to the brim; trees, wreaths, garlands, on and on. The consumer culture is at its garish and excessive best during this time of the year. There is no doubt that we have come to the place where the tail of culture is wagging the dog of...

Advocacy for Social Justice Blog: The Prince of Peace


The Prince of Peace           In many of our churches this past Sunday, we lit the pink candle of the Advent Wreath, the candle of joy.  And yet, this week, I – and I imagine most of you – have felt anything but joy.  My week began with hearing the news of 4 people, all under the age of 20, shot and killed in my neighborhood of Birmingham’s West End.  In Homewood, a mother and her 4 and 5 year-old children were killed in a triple murder.  A gunman shot a police officer and two employees of St. ...

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