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Beware of spoofed emails targeting churches


NOTE: Official North Alabama Conference email correspondence will only come from or email addresses.  Any other email regarding Conference business not from these domains should be considered suspect and fraudulent. Please use the forwarding method when a questionable email is received to verify the sender.   The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted and changed many aspects of our lives over the past year. One thing that has remained the same is fraudulent emails ...

Local Church Report due Feb. 17, 2020


Each year, as the new year begins, United Methodist congregations report information and statistics on their ministry during the previous calendar year through the Local Church Report.  In North Alabama, this annual report is completed online. The Local Church Report is the pastor’s responsibility. The online Local Church Report for the Year Ending December 31, 2019, went live on Friday, Jan. 3, 2020. All Local Church Reports must be submitted online no later than Feb.17, 2020. On Friday, ...

Beware of spoofed emails targeting churches


Recently there has been an increase in fraudulent emails targeting church members and staff. A common version of the scam seen in the North Alabama Conference is an email appearing to be from the Bishop sent to Conference staff members, pastors or church members asking them to send money or purchase gift cards for an emergency situation. Several churches have also reported similar phishing emails sent to their church staff or membership appearing to be from the pastor. On careful inspection of ...

2016 Year-End Local Church Report now open; deadline is Feb. 13, 2017


The 2016 Year-End Local Church Report is now available for all churches to complete via the Local Church Dashboard at Churches are asked to complete this annual report by February 13, 2017. Conference Statistician Rev. Stephen R. Benefield says, “Before we go headlong into the new year, it’s time to take one last look back at 2016. That’s right: Local Church Statistical Reports are upon us, right on schedule! By understanding what is happening at the local level for each...

2015 Year-End Local Church Report now open; deadline is Feb. 8, 2016


The 2015 Year-End Local Church Report is now available for all churches to complete via the Local Church Dashboard at  "The Epiphany season means two things: First, and most importantly, the glory of God has been made known to the world in Jesus Christ. Second, it’s time to submit Statistical Reports," says North Alabama Conference Statistician Rev. Stephen R. Benefield. He adds, "While these reports don’t hold a candle to what the Epiphany tells us, they are still ...

Information regarding Weekly Benchmark Report emails


From our Information Technology Director: Recently, a number of domains have ceased delivery of the Weekly Benchmark Report (WBR) weekly email. The issue arose mid-May 2015. No changes were made on our side to cause this issue.   Since the issue has been discovered much time and effort has been devoted to take a number of troubleshooting steps. Paramount is our objective to ensure that the email is not identified as junk email/spam and is delivered.   Despite tremendous effort on our end, ...

2014 Charge Conference Forms now open


The 2014 North Alabama Conference Charge Conference forms are now live. On Thursday, August 14, 2014, emails with personalized links for each church’s forms were emailed to pastors’ email addresses.  An email was also sent to the church email address on file with the Conference. The Charge Conference forms have been revitalized this year leveraging new technology. They have been specifically designed to eliminate technical issues experience by some users in past years. The forms should...

Local Church 2013 Statistical Report deadline is Feb. 3, 2014


The Statistical Report, formerly known as the Year-End Local Church Report, is collected annually each January.  One this report, local churches report their activity from the previous year. These numbers are reported to the General Board on Finance and Administration (GCFA).  They also are printed in the back of the North Alabama Conference Journal and are used to formulate apportionments that fund the budget of the North Alabama Annual Conference. For a number of years, this report has been ...

Conference launches email addresses for clergy to help strengthen the connection


Working in cooperation with the North Alabama Conference Board of Ordained Ministry (BOOM), the Conference Information Technology department is now providing an email address for each North Alabama Conference clergy person. This action has long been discussed and dreamed about by the extended cabinet and the leadership of BOOM. This year it has become a reality. Each North Alabama clergy person now has a professional email address using their name and the domain These new email ...

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