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Mission Blog: Persecuted Christians


"Hundreds of cartons of milk. I had never seen so much milk in one place, but there it was--all stacked up behind a glass door at the....supermarket? Is that the right word?" Someone had asked Susanna what she felt the biggest difference was between growing up and living in a remote region of Senegal and now living in Maryland. "I never knew I had a 'milk problem' until I moved to the US." She went on to list many things that you or I take for granted each day. However, there was one thing that ...

United Methodists responding to Europe’s migration crisis


Photo by Daniel Peters for United Methodist News Service from story Coping with Europe’s migration crisis   by Rev. Matt Lacey North Alabama Conference Director of Mission and Advocacy   Thousands upon thousands of people have showed up at the borders of various European countries asking for asylum. This may be the largest refugee crisis since World War II, and already countries and organizations are struggling to find a compassionate and practical way to respond. As United Methodists, we have ...

McClellan Cluster in Anniston does home repairs to make God known


The McClellan Cluster is alive and well in Anniston and the Cheaha District.  It was formed around 10 years ago consisting of the smaller United Methodist churches in the area working together to do things that they couldn’t do by themselves.  Every church is represented by the pastor and at least one lay person. On June 13, 2015, they built an ADA wheelchair ramp for Michelle Miller, the 2014 Ms. Wheel Chair Alabama. Ms. Miller did not have a ramp to get in and out of her house, even though ...

Magic City Miracle to be Sept. 27, 2015


Unifying the Magic City.  Touching Thousands of Lives! Imagine unchurched folks looking for your church!   Imagine being known as the church that is making your community a better place!   Imagine your church being a household name in your community.   Imagine Magic City Miracle. In the age of Ferguson, Missouri, an age marked with suspicion and division, can you imagine a city truly united?  Can you imagine people of all races and backgrounds gathering together to serve those in need?  Can ...

Carpenter’s Hands ministry assists 89-year-old homeowner by building wheelchair ramp for her mother


When John Luther, Director of Operations for Carpenter’s Hands, a home repair ministry outreach of Canterbury United Methodist Church, went to interview a potential client about a possible wheel chair ramp project, little did he know the surprise he was about to receive.   “When I went to the house to talk to the homeowner, a lady came to the door who I would’ve estimated was about 70 years old. Which puzzled me a little, because on the application it said the homeowner was 89. She seemed to be ...

Young People In Mission, a camp experience with hands-on mission opportunities for youth and young adults, will be June 28-July 2


Each year, the Southeast Jurisdiction's Young People in Mission event allows young people to serve with local mission projects, worship together, fellowship and grow with family groups, dive into Bible studies, and learn from featured speakers and the City of Opportunity. The hope is that this event will serve as a launching pad to empower and equip participants to serve with a new eyes and a heart for mission service. Young People in Mission, a camp experience with hands-on mission ...

Pine Grove and St. Paul UMC - Pantry Hour “Our Cupboard Never Run Dry”


Interviewed by Joanne Finley Missional Leader, Southeast District Pine Grove and St. Paul United Methodist Church combined resources and created a masterpiece for the Glory of God. They created a safe space for the seniors of the community and surrounding communities, where they could go and have a hot meal, fun, and fellowship.    They call it the Pantry Hour where Pastor Cecelia Broome is the pastor.   This Pantry Hour Ministry started eight years ago and on Friday, February 6, they celebrated...

Canterbury UMC's Stop Hunger Now event to assemble a half-million meals


On Sunday through Tuesday, February 8-10, 2015, some 2,000 volunteers will gather at Canterbury United Methodist Church in Birmingham to work in the church’s fifth annual Stop Hunger Now campaign. During this year’s three-day event volunteers plan to assemble a half-million meals for school children and orphanages outside the U.S. The meals include a combination of rice, soy, dehydrated vegetables, and a flavoring mix including 21 essential vitamins and minerals in small meal packets. Each meal ...

Winfield First UMC fashion show benefits Habitat for Humanity


The Brown family at the fashion show: parents Misty and Jacob Brown with children (L-R) Hayden, Ethan, Daisy, Emmy, Dixie, and Kaydance   by Rev. Earl Freeman Sometimes when the preacher gets laryngitis, God uses someone else. Who would have known that God would take an ailing preacher, a nervous spokesperson and a grandmother, throw in several formal dresses and some salads, and use them to make a home for family in need? Well, I guess we all should have’s God, after all!  One ...

Mt. Mariah UMC children and youth learn to give and support Imagine No Malaria


To give the Youth a different experience during the Holiday Season Mt. Mariah UMC's Youth Coordinator Charlene Gaines, with the support of the church's Nurture Committee, presented those present with $20 gift certificates.  Just as their eyes started to light up, they were told not to spend a dime on themselves nor members of their family.  They were instructed to purchase items for someone in need or perhaps someone that just might need cheering up. That lesson being, Christmas is not just ...

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