One Direction Community

Rev. Gary Liederbach was appointed to start a new church in the Northeast District in 2012. This new church has developed to become a network of house churches in the Madison area known as One Direction Community.  

One Direction Community (ODC) realizes that Christian discipleship is not about imitating religion and church structures. Instead, it is about imitating a person — Jesus Christ.  They also believe that if you start with church you do not always end up with community.  However, when you start with Christian community a church will be formed  and lives will be transformed.  

Keeping true to this belief,  their hearts were not just opened, but convicted and compelled, to doing church "new.”  This basically meant returning to doing the "old" by forming simple house churches that Love God, Love Neighbor, and Make Disciples.  

There are now four house churches formed and two more in preparation.  

One Direction Community reaches out in mission to its community through Prayer Walking neighborhoods; ministering at Waffle Houses and laundromats; hosting community meals, and serving at Inside-Out Ministries.

Kids of the Kindom, a children’s house church model, meets in the community center of Grand Reserve apartments in Madison every Tuesday 3 - 5 p.m. They enjoy the meal, Bible stories, songs, games, and prayers. This year the raised money to purchase 127 mosquito nets for children in Africa. 

The congregation also leads a worship service at the Limestone County Flea Market.






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