Glory Sightings This Week (Week of Sunday, April 5, 2015)


“The glory that you have given me I have given them, so that they may be one, as we are one.” John 17:22 (NRSV)    

North Alabama Conference congregations are now sharing Glory Sightings as part of their Weekly Benchmark Report. This is an opportunity to share a brief statement of how God is at work in the church and community. The practice of regularly sharing Glory Sightings becomes a time of encouragement as we are reminded that God is always at work. It is a reminder to stop, pay attention and give thanks.        

We celebrate all that God is doing in North Alabama.  Highlights of Glory Sightings shared include the following: 

Congregations journeyed through Holy week and celebrated the joy of the resurrection on Easter.

  • McKendree (NW District) — Wonderful Sunrise Service
  • Mt. Moriah (NW District) — fun day on April 4 with bounce house, egg hunt, hot dog lunch outside for 4 hrs
  • Oak Ridge (NW District) — Easter Sunrise Breakfast attended by 40.
  • Rogersville (NW District) — All the people who attended sunrise service at Joe Wheeler State Park.
  • Waterloo (NW District) — Easter Sunrise Service by the Tennessee River with Breakfast served afterward to people from the community who participated.
  • The Church at Ross Bridge (SC District) — A girl, age 9, asked to speak during one of our Easter services. She thanked God for the Resurrection, as she looked forward to seeing her mom again. Her mother died 6 months ago.
  • Christ Church (SC District) — Our Flashlight Egg Hunt was a wonderful success! Hundreds were served. One family stated this was the only Easter they would have this year.
  • Ebenezer (SC District) — We had the first Good Friday service Ebenezer has had in many years. We solemnly went through the stations of the cross.
  • Riverchase (SC District) — We were excited to have one of our best Easter crowds with many still gone on spring break.
  • St. James (SC District) — A Glorious Sunrise service
  • Community Church Without Walls (SC District) — Our youth did an Easter program at local nursing home on Saturday. Some of our women leaders led a "Women at the foot of the Cross" service on Wednesday. And our Easter service in our community garden was filled with baptisms and professions of faith.
  • Vincent (SC District) — Community outreach cookout and egg hunt.
  • Ashland First (SE District) — Sunrise service - 30 Good Friday Service - 70
  • Duncan Memorial (SE District) — Maundy Thursday Service 20 in attendance Good Friday Services 26 in attendance Sun Rise Service & Easter Breakfast 70 in attendance
  • Equality (SE District) — We had a meaningful Passover Seder/ Last Supper on Maundy Thursday and Sunrise Service Easter morning.
  • Huguley (SE District) — Holy Week Service, we hosted Wed and had 162 which we fed and worshiped with!
  • Lineville First (SE District) — We had so many children! Families, friends and new faces joined to make it a wonderful day of praising our risen Lord!
  • Lowell (SE District) — The Holy Spirit Ministered to many at both Holy Week Services and a wife came to Easter Sunrise who has never attended our church.
  • Trinity (SE District) — We had a powerful Tenebrae Service on Good Friday and a meaningful Sunrise Service Easter morning.
  • Wadley First (SE District) — Easter joy celebrated together!!
  • Wesley Chapel (SE District) — Easter Service
  • Bone Camp (SW District) — both services were combined and also had breakfast
  • Jennings Chapel (SW District) — Most AMAZING Holy Week services!
  • Macedonia (SW District) — Easter Sonrise Service and Breakfast was a great blessing!
  • Marvin Chapel (SW District) — More than 65 friends and neighbors came to our annual Easter 'Egg Hunt on Sunday afternoon. Games and good food added t0 the fun. This community outreach followed a wonderful Easter Morning Breakfast and worship
  • Pleasant Grove (SW District) — We had two people in our Sunrise Service come forward to lay their burdens down an give them to Jesus
  • Taylorville (SW District) — The entire Easter celebration was amazing--and to have Celebrate Recovery in its humble beginning stages is very exciting!
  • Capstone (SW District) — We held numerous Holy Week services, including a Maundy Thursday modified Seder meal, a Good Friday "Communion Interrupted", and an Easter sunrise service.
  • Winfield First (SW District) — Restarted our “Tween” Sunday School using the “Deep Blue” Curriculum; added a new teacher and two new students. Held an Easter egg hunt on Saturday at which we had 7 visitors.
  • Addington Chapel (CE District) — Members of our congregation experienced the utter joy of Christ's resurrection Easter morning at a beautiful and glorious sunrise service.
  • Bivens (CE District) — We had 42 in attendance at our Easter Sunrise service
  • Graysville (CE District) — holy week services were wonderful this week. We fed 420 people from the community and other churches. Praise God!
  • Mt. Olive (CE District) — 36 at our Easter sunrise service. No less than 40 a day at our 11:00 AM Mon-Thur Holy week services. 70 at our Good Friday service
  • Old Zion (CE District) — Wonderful service, great message, very touching music & song service. A great time of fellowship with everyone!
  • Pinson (CE District) — We were blessed to host other churches from Pinson, Palmerdale and Clay for Good Friday Service. 225 attended!
  • Shiloh Allgood (CE District) — We had amazing services on Good Friday and at Sunrise on Easter Sunday. The attendance at those services was very good and is not reflected in the total listed for the week.
  • Eureka (CH District) — 67 people joined us for our Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt!
  • Evergreen (CH District) — Participated in daily Holy Week services with other area churches in the community. What a glorious week our church family had the opportunity to be a part of. Each & every event was meaningful & served to remind us all what the Easter celebration is all about!
  • Leeds First (CH District) — Maundy Thursday attendance 50 Tenebrae Service attendance 85 "Son" rise Service attendance 25
  • Odenville (CH District) — We had a high number of first time visitors at our Easter Sunday Worship Service.
  • Ohatchee (CH District) — It is a blessing to see a church that has attendance of less than 100 participate in three small groups of youth, a Seder Service, Good Friday Service, Sunrise Service, a Cantata , give out Easter baskets to people in the community beyond the doors of the church and conclude a United Methodist Belief's program.
  • Oxford First (CH District) — A Glorious Easter Sunday. Children everywhere!
  • Pell City First (CH District) — There were 337 in worship at the first sunrise service at the new Chapel in the Pines location!
  • Ashville First (CH District) — Holy Week services, Sunrise & Sonrise services plus visitors
  • Asbury (ML District) — Choir did an excellent job sharing the Easter message this morning
  • Bogan Chapel (ML District) — We had a wonderful Faith, Food, and Fellowship meeting and an inspirational Easter Sunday service and program
  • Cedar Hill (ML District) — Cedar Hill served over 350 members of the Leesburg community during their annual community-wide flashlight Easter Egg Hunt! Christ's love was shared with many!
  • Christ Central (ML District) — 57 in attendance for our Seder meal 
  • Fairview (ML District) — One of the biggest gatherings here at this Easter time we rejoice in the Lord for this gathering.
  • Old Brashiers Chapel (NE District) — Great worship for Easter!
  • Somerville (NE District) — Inspiring Maundy Thursday Service
  • St. Paul (NE District) — Egg hunt sunrise holy week
  • Stevenson First (NE District) — Awesome Resurrection Service with many family members joining us
  • Falkville (NE District) — Easter Sunday Communion

Congregations welcomed people into new life through Jesus Christ and new or restored relationship with the church.

  • Milner's Chapel (NW District) —  On Saturday the pastor officiated a funeral for a 52-year old woman who was not a member of church. Sunday morning 9 family members who live near the church show up at church for the first time.
  • Neel (NW District) — Two joined our church; both by moving their membership.
  • Restoration Mission (SC District) — Three children were baptised at our 27th Annual Resurrection Day Baptism and Picnic held at Lake Camp Sumatanga
  • Trinity (SC District) — 2 young adult baptisms!
  • Christ Harbor (SW District) — Baptism by submersion of a young man in his early twenties.
  • West Scottsville (SW District) — We had two members reaffirm their baptisms at our Easter Sunrise Service.
  • Hayden (CE District) — four new members who are disciples
  • St. Andrews (CE District) — 2 members joined & 5 children were baptized.
  • DeArmanville (CH District) — A couple married at the church 5 years ago attended worship for the 1st time with their 2 sons!
  • Harkey's Chapel (CH District) — Baptism brought extra family and friends
  • Lincoln (CH District) — We had twelve new members join today and four confirmation students baptized!
  • Ranburne (CH District) — Two baptisms and four professions of faith!
  • Weaver First (CH District) — 4 baptized, 1 transfer of membership.
  • Antioch-Goodsell (ML District) — A man whom joined Antioch 63 years ago rededicated his life to Christ.
  • Hokes Bluff (ML District) — Five confirmations on Easter Sunday morning!
  • Union Chapel (ML District) — Had Good Friday Communion Service at 5:00 pm for those going to prom and then 6:30 pm had service for other folks. total of 74.
  • Arab First (NE District) — Hosted Community Sunrise Service
  • Concord (NE District) — Sun Rise and regular Easter Services combined Also Maundy Thursday with 14 and Good Friday with 14
  • Gandys Cove (NE District) — Had 39 attend Friday Seder Meal/WorshipMost were guests. Had 17 at sunrise service and 47 worship Sunday!
  • Isom's Chapel (NE District) — God was good to us at Isom's Chapel, as we had our largest attendance ever, we had 33 new members, and we had our largest offering ever for a SON-Day morning worship service! God is so, so good, all the time!
  • Madison (NE District) — We had a profound rededication.
  • New Hope (NE District) — 2 new non-Churched youth coming to youth group. That's 4 in three weeks.

Congregations shared the Good News with others through mission and acts of service. 

  • Moss Chapel (NW District) — On Easter Sunday we placed our Lent offerings for charities or missions at the altar in the amount of $641.25
  • Moulton First (NW District) — Our youth spent their spring break on a mission trip. They returned on Saturday with hearts on fire and begging to go back this summer. Thanks be to God!
  • Stewart's Chapel (CE District) — 75 families served at the West Blount Food Pantry. May 2015 will be the food pantry's one year mark.
  • Acmar (CH District) — Free labor and materials for handicapped accessible bathroom for person with ALS.

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