The Gathering Place charters as a United Methodist congregation and celebrates continued growth during Holy Week


On Palm Sunday, March 29, 2015, Cheaha District Superintendent Sherill Clontz led a Charge Conference to officially charter The Gathering Place as a United Methodist Church.

The Gathering Place is a new church start in Moody, Alabama, which began in 2011. It has grown to an average of more than 1000 people attending each week at two locations in the Moody area. Both locations offer the same Sunday morning worship experience, but different midweek community events and church ministry opportunities. 

Rev. Matt Scott is the Senior Pastor and Rev. David Carboni serves as Executive Pastor of The Gathering Place.

After chartering, The Gathering Place celebrated a ministry-filled Holy Week. Rev. Clontz notes some of the wonderful work God has done through the congregation during Holy Week 2015. 

They celebrated a record attendance of 3024 people for the week. This includes 1476 people at their Park Avenue campus, 767 people at their Common grounds campus, 225 people through their online experience, and 556 people participating in their Stations of the Cross on Good Friday.

That week they also celebrated 195 Professions of Faith. Rev. Clontz explains, “These are individuals that marked on their connection card (after invitation), "I want to begin my relationship with Jesus Christ today."

The church also welcomed 24 new members with a variety of backgrounds including four former Catholics, four former southern Baptists, two Messianic Jews and 14 people who were never affiliated with a church before. 

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