Information regarding Weekly Benchmark Report emails

June 02, 2015

From our Information Technology Director:

Recently, a number of domains have ceased delivery of the Weekly Benchmark Report (WBR) weekly email. The issue arose mid-May 2015. No changes were made on our side to cause this issue.
Since the issue has been discovered much time and effort has been devoted to take a number of troubleshooting steps. Paramount is our objective to ensure that the email is not identified as junk email/spam and is delivered.
Despite tremendous effort on our end, Charter, CableOne, Comcast, Knology and a host of smaller domain email servers continue to acknowledge successful receipt of the weekly emails but then filter these message and not deliver them to your inbox (or even your junk mail folder).
We will continue to attempt to appease finicky domains that are refusing to deliver this vital weekly message.
In the interim, if you received the WBR weekly email in the past, you may use that old email or, if you have your church’s four digit Conference number, please visit: enter your Conference Church number and submit your WBR report.
Pete Banish

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