Lenten Devotions program offered by the national hunger-relief ministry of the Society of St. Andrew


Many stories in the Bible involve people at crossroads in their lives. At these junctures they find that they must decide whether to travel in God's direction or choose a different path.

CrossRoads a free Lenten Devotions program offered to individuals and churches by the Society of St. Andrew, asks the reader to reflect on the choices made by these Biblical people. It also guides the reader into reflecting on their own choices as they follow Jesus' journey toward the cross and resurrection.

This year SoSA invited Rev. Ralph W. Hawkins, who serves Altavista Presbyterian Church in Altavista, Virginia, to write the devotions for each Sunday of Lent as well as several of the reflections during Holy Week.

In keeping with these traditions of Lent, the Society of St. Andrew invites individuals and congregations to participate in this program of spiritual reflection, prayer and giving. Each participant or family is provided with a devotional booklet of reflections and prayers. They are also asked to share in the Society of St. Andrew's national hunger-relief ministries by making a personal Lenten donation that will be used to feed hungry Americans.

An optional Good Friday Fast is available to supplement the CrossRoads Lenten devotions or as a stand-alone program of spiritual renewal and giving.

Sample starter kits are available at no cost or obligation for review before placing a congregational order. Orders can be placed online at www.endhunger.org , by email at church@endhunger.org , or by phone at 800-333-4597. After reviewing the program, orders should be placed by February 13, 2006 to ensure delivery before Ash Wednesday. The Society of St. Andrew asks that churches help them remain good stewards of their resources by ordering only what they will use.

The Society of St. Andrew is a Christian national non-profit hunger-relief ministry feeding the hungry through its Potato Project, Gleaning Network, and Harvest of Hope programs. More information is available at www.endhunger.org.

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