Bishop names Rev. Don Neal as the new Executive Director of Superannuate Homes and Ordained Ministry

April 28, 2006

Bishop William H. Willimon has announced that Rev. Don Neal will become the Executive Director of Superannuate Homes and Ordained Ministry in June. Rev. Neal is currently serving as the District Superintendent of the Albertville District.


Rev. Neal comes to the position with years of experience serving with both the Board of Superannuate Homes and the Board of Ordained Ministry. He has served for six years as the Cabinet Representative to the Board of Superannuate Homes. He has served for 16 years as a member of the Board of Ordained Ministry and three years as the Cabinet representative to that Board.

The Board of Superannuate Homes administers the program of providing housing for retired clergy and their surviving spouses who have served the North Alabama Conference. The 2005 North Alabama Conference Journal reports that there are currently 134 housing units maintained by the Board. Many of these units were built from funds generated by the Annie Sue Kelly Humphrey Memorial Trust. The journal report also notes that the Board of Superannuate Homes has a close working relationship with the Association of Retired Ministers and Spouses (ARMS).

Chairman of the Board of Superannuate Homes Jerry Swafford says he is excited to continue working with Don Neal. He's been on our board as a District Superintendent. I really look forward to continue working with him. He seems dedicated to this ministry. I know of all the things I've done in the church I don't think I've enjoyed anything more than working with Superannuate Homes.

The Board of Ordained Ministry has the responsibility of supporting those who are ordained ministers, licensed local pastors, diaconal ministers or certified lay professionals within the church. This support begins through overseeing the enlistment and recruitment of those hearing a call to ordained ministry. It also includes interviewing and keeping records of those candidates as they proceed through the ordination process. The Board's work then continues by providing support services for ordained ministers' career development and by coordinating clergy's change in status - such as those clergy taking a leave of absence or retiring.

Don has a wealth of experience. He has served on the Board in numerous capacities and brings a wealth of knowledge, says Rev. Roger Thompson, chairperson of the Board of Ordained Ministry. We are delighted to have him.

Rev. Neal reflects on his new appointment by saying, I am excited. I look forward to working with both retired clergy after they have served our conference and with the Board of Ordained Ministry and those just coming to our Annual Conference as clergy.

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