Board of Superannuate Homes pledges yearly donation for United Methodist Center Chapel


The Chapel of the new United Methodist Center is the place that hosts weekly devotions for Conference staff and visitors; provides a place of prayer for individuals; and becomes a meeting space for conference ministry groups.  Now the Chapel will also be a place that honors and remembers retired clergy - past and present - of the North Alabama Conference thanks to a gift from the Board of Superannuate Homes.

According to Executive Director Rev. Don Neal, on Oct. 3, 2006, the Board of Superannuate Homes passed a resolution pledging to donate $25,000 a year up to a gift totaling $250,000 toward the Chapel facility. The resolution also stipulates that the financial  status of the group will be reviewed and considered each year to make sure the donation is feasible.

The Board decided on the donation as an acknowledgement of the group's past and future use of the United Methodist Center. The Executive Director of Superannuate Homes' office is housed in the United Methodist Center.

The Board of Superannuate Homes is a Board created and chartered by the North Alabama Conference. The Board is best known for its work of providing the largest housing program for retired clergy and surviving clergy spouses in the country.  However, the Board has a relationship and responsibility to all retired clergy in North Alabama and provides other methods of care. Thus, the donation to the United Methodist Center building fund is in the spirit of honoring all retired North Alabama clergy.

The Chapel is located on the first floor of the United Methodist Center. It is equipped with sound and projection equipment and can seat approximately 50 people.

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