5% Challenge: Guntersville First says "Do it Again, God!"

May 17, 2006

Do it Again God!
By Rev. Robin Scott, Pastor

Here at Guntersville First we have had almost a 300% increase (212-609) in worship attendance since 1987. This represents 18 consecutive years that the worship attendance was greater than the year before. This church has been reaching people for Christ when many other churches of all denominations have struggled to do so. Without pride or boastfulness we report this fact for we are humbled by God's grace, blessings, and abundance. We simply want to proclaim that His promises really are true if we as the people of God can simply believe them.

Each step this church has taken was a step of faith. Faith steps often take you into unknown waters. Added facilities and staff, new services and programs, mission trips and outreach ministries; they all cost money, demand time from volunteers and require a risk. A congregation must truly believe what we proclaim each and every week, Every member is indeed a minister. Because we believe this, it seems that monthly someone comes forth with a new call and yet another word from the Lord. It is enough to make coffee nervous and yet it is as exciting as going to the circus for the first time. It's almost like we hold our breath and ask, What will God do next? And it seems to be contagious, 194 adults have joined the church since January 1, 2004, with 94 having joined in the last year. Our worship attendance topped 600 people for the first time in the church's history in 2005.

It would be easy to rest on past achievements but that never seems to enter anyone's mind. Our congregation just voted to start an off campus ministry called Genesis-Because Everyone Needs a New Beginning. Our hope is to reach persons that we have not yet been able to share the Gospel with. At the same time a Building Committee is preparing plans for a new sanctuary. But, with all of this, new ministries continue to emerge. A new ministry has begun with persons in a local rehab facility; a ministry that helps sexually abused women in a most confidential way has recently emerged; numerous mission trips, ministries to youth and children and older adult ministries touch many lives. I am often overwhelmed at the faithfulness of our people, blown away by their generosity, and stand in awe of their willingness to listen for God's next command to go.

Sometimes I catch myself wanting to just slow down and enjoy what we have then I realize that is probably what started the decline of many churches. People became satisfied, vision was lost, and God stopped speaking. So all I can say is DO IT AGAIN GOD! Bless us with more challenges, reveal more of Your will, and help us to reach people we have never reached before. Do it again God! And may we never cease to be amazed that You desire to do exceedingly, abundantly more than we can ask or think.

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