UPDATE: Falkville First United Methodist church building destroyed by fire

December 18, 2006

December 21; 9 p.m. - Update

To see photos of the fire click here.

In the days following the fire which destroyed their church building, the members of Falkville First United Methodist Church are making plans and continuing their ministry together.


On Wednesday night, the church Board of Trustees met and invited all other church members to be present at the meeting. The congregation has decided they will meet for a Christmas Eve service this Sunday at the Quail Creek Chapel. Quail Creek is a local golf resort whose chapel was just dedicated in the last few weeks. 


Following Christmas the church leaders will make more plans as to where the congregation will meet each week. Other churches in the Falkville community have offered space to the First Methodist Congregation for both Sunday worship and Wednesday night Bible Study.  Also, since the Falkville church was insured, their insurance policy provides funds to lease a double-wide that can be moved to church property and will seat 100 people.


While deciding on a place to meet, the congregation is still being the church of Jesus Christ. Pastor Kenneth Weldon told the congregation that each time they gather they will look each other in the eye and say, “I love you and Jesus Loves you,” and hug one another. He said the congregation will be a witness to Christ through this difficult time.


This week, that witness has already overflowed into the community.  The Falkville FUMC congregation played a role in providing a young girl with a special Christmas present.  The girl is a student at the school where Rev. Weldon’s wife teaches.  She has recently been diagnosed with cancer and this year her Christmas wish was to get a horse. So the Falkville First congregation were some of the people who helped raise money for the horse and feed.  This week, the little girl got her Christmas wish.  Her horse was delivered to her house, ironically enough, tied to the back of a fire truck.


The investigation to the Falkville First UMC fire is still underway.  The initial indication is that the cause of the fire was electrical.  Currently the congregation is working together to develop a list of the building’s contents for the insurance company. 


As the congregation thinks of rebuilding they have set a goal for when they may be back in a permanent building. This past Sunday, Dec. 17, they held their annual Christmas Cantata.  It was the last service in the building before the fire. So they have set the goal that their first service in their new building will be the 2007 Christmas Cantata.


The Board of Trustees had also established how other Untied Methodists may contribute to this rebuilding effort.


Donations  may be sent to the Falkville FUM Building Fund by mailing checks to
Polly Holmes

47 Jarvis Dr

Falkville, AL 35622


December 19; 11:20 a.m. - Update
Northwest District Superintendent Hal Noble reports that an investigation is taking place today, December 19, to determine the cause of the fire that destroyed the Falkville First United Methodist Church yesterday.

Members of the 125 year old congregation say that while the church building has been destroyed, the church is a live and well because the people are the church. The congregation has made plans to gather this Sunday, Christmas Eve, at the site of the church building for a time of worship together.

The church did have insurance and the congregation plans to rebuild a church building. The Disitrict Superintendent is meeting with church leaders this afternoon to continue to assess the situation.

Currently, the Northwest District has sent its Disaster Response Trailer to the Falkville FUMC site to be a base of operations during the time of recovery from this tragedy.  Also, District Disaster Coordinator Rev. Ray Crump is working with Conference leaders to help coordinate how other North Alabama United Methodists may appropriately help the Falkville congregation.

If individuals or congregations would like to make financial contributions to help with this recovery and rebuilding effort you may send them to

Falkville First United Methodist Church
811 2nd Ave SW
Cullman, AL 35055

or you may send a contribution made to the North Alabama Conference and marked "Falkville UMC" to

North Alabama Conference
898 Arkadelphia Road
Birmingham, AL 35204

As more information is available and specific needs are identified, they will be posted on the North Alabama Conference website. 

December 18; 2:30 p.m. - Breaking News
The Northwest District is reporting that one of its churches, Falkville First United Methodist Church, has suffered a fire today, Monday, December 18.

District Superintendent Hal Noble reports that the church building was destroyed.

"There is only one wall left standing," Rev. Noble said.

The cause of the fire is currently being investigated.

As a more information is available, we will post it here in the North Alabama Conference news section.

Please keep the Falkville First UMC congregation and pastor Rev. Kenneth Weldon in your prayers.


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