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Want to connect with other people of faith online? Or be connected with volunteer opportunities in your area? How about connecting your extra resources with those churches in need?
All of those connections and more will be available with the click of a mouse at the new, redesigned United Methodist Church Web site,,
 You can see a sneak peek of the site now by clicking on the banner on our home page. The entire site will be formally launched in January.
United Methodist Communications has spent the last two years developing an innovative site that is easy to navigate, conveys the sense of community and mission shared by members of the church, and provides a single doorway into the denomination. Whether you are clergy, church member, seeker, educator, parent, or youth, welcomes you into the community and opens a door for building relationships and exploring the denomination.
At, you can connect with other people of faith anywhere in the world at any time of day and build relationships that enrich your faith. You can find a United Methodist church in any community in the United States, identify your personal spiritual gifts, and ask others to remember your needs in their prayers.
The site also provides a place for churches to go for resources. Sunday school teachers and clergy can exchange sermons, lesson plans and curricula. A hurricane-damaged church in New Orleans can see that gently used pews are available from a church in Tennessee. United Methodists in Ohio can see that a charity in Columbus needs volunteers. The possibilities for meaningful connections are endless, and they can all start at the new site.
We look forward to sharing the new with people of The United Methodist Church and all people of faith. We urge you to check out its innovative features.  We also want to hear from you about how you use and how we can continue to improve the site.  Tell us your story.  Give us your feedback. is a resource for members. We want to ensure that it will meet your needs as it evolves.
Please visit the online community to connect with this new faith experience.

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