Local Church Statistics Now Available at Conference Website


This past week, the North Alabama Conference took a major step forward in making available on line statistics for every congregation. Now anyone can click on the Conference website and see graphs that depict the life of each church. Average Sunday attendance, professions of faith, total membership, and participation in shared giving (apportionments) are available for the last five years.


"Thanks to Danette Clifton and to Pete Banish for their work on this project," said Bishop Willimon. "I predict that this will be one of the most important steps that we've taken to increase pastoral and congregational accountability and productivity. I encourage every United Methodist to log in and see how churches are doing. We Methodists believe that Christ holds us accountable for our discipleship. These numbers don't tell everything about the fidelity of a congregation. But they tell alot. They give a snapshot of how a congregation is doing and will help a congregation to plan for the future."

To log into the graphs for a particular congregation, simply

  • Go into the Administration Section of the website and click Local Church Statistical Charts
  • Choose the date range for the stats you would like to see.
  • Select if you are searching by church number or church name. (Note: if you use church number, remember to use the congregation's new church number post-redistricting.)
  • Enter either the church number or the church name.
  • Click submit.
  • If searching by church name and there is more than one church by that name, you will then be prompted with a list of churches from which you can choose the specific church.

The graphs are animated and may take a moment to fully load. Also note, you must have the free program Adobe Flash Player version 8 or greater in order to view the graphs. To download the latest Adobe Flash Player click here.

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