Metro Methodism Alumni Have Retreat and Look to the Future

February 05, 2007

This past weekend, February 2-3,  Metro Methodism alumni gathered for a retreat at Sumatanga.
Metro Methodism is a leadership development experience through which more than 300 lay members of United Methodist Churches have explored leading as disciples of Jesus Christ both in the Church and in the world. During the yearlong experience participants explore the topics of

  • Who we are as United Methodists - where we came from and where we are going.
  • The diversity of United Methodism
  • Methodists meeting Human Need in the Community
  • Health and Welfare Issues and the Church
  • Living Faithfully as Christians in the Workplace
  • Working Faithfully as Christians in Government

During the retreat Conference leaders helped share information and lead discussions among the alumni regarding the North Alabama Conference’s vision and the missional priorities Bishop Willimon and the Cabinet have identified.
Dale Cohen, director of Connectional Ministries, introduced the North Alabama Cabinet’s four priorities to the group. These priorities include 1.) New Congregations, 2.) Natural Church Development: Growing Healthy Churches, 3.) Effective Leadership for the 21st Century--pastors and laity, and 4.) Reach and empower a new generation of Christians in and for our church. He also shared a presentation on Natural Church Development.

South Central District Superintendent Mickey Morgan, facilitated the discussion on “What is the best thing about Metro Methodism?” After hearing responses such as “It helped make me a better volunteer,” and “It made me proud to be a United Methodist and see what all the church is doing,” the group then discussed ways that Metro Methodism can and does interface with the Cabinet’s priorities.  Participants identified several ways that Metro Methodism is already doing so and then discussed ways they could focus even more.   While discussing the future of the program, there was interest in a move toward forming a board or team for MetroMethodism.  

According to Kathy Clements, coordinator for the Office of Connectional Ministries, “There is still energy and value for continuing Metro Methodist and its future may be ‘the best yet.’”

For more information, contact Kathy Clements at (205) 226-7953 or (800) 239-7950.

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