Big-Hearted Supporters Take Care of Our Foster Kids in Jasper, AL


By Jill West
Director of Development & Public Relations United Methodist Children's Home

The First United Methodist Church of Jasper has been a strong supporter of our therapeutic foster care program in Jasper, AL. The UMCH staff in Jasper presented them in January with our “Heart of a Volunteer” award. This church has received recognition in the past from UMCH, and they deserve it every year!

“We had a child come in here with just the clothes on his back and within no time they were down here with clothes. They are always ready to help if we need it and they are in the top 10 of giving in the Northern District,” said Janice Hawkins, Northwest TFC supervisor.

Every year they provide a big Christmas party for the foster care children in their area. They make sure each child is fully sponsored and receive some of the items on their Christmas lists. Children have walked away with big ticket items like a television or a Wii.

Throughout the year they are poised to provide for any emergency or special needs the children have. They have faithfully provided items such as clothing, a breathing machine, and computer monitors. They not only give money and goods but are also generous with their buildings.

“They allow me to use the church to train foster parents and hold advisory meetings,” said Janice.

Thank you First United Methodist of Jasper! May God bless you for your generosity.

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