Weekly Benchmark information now available through Conference Dashboard


Each week North Alabama Conference congregations provide a Weekly Benchmark Report noting benchmark statistics about their congregation including worship attendance, members added to the roll, members removed from the roll, professions of faith celebrated and baptisms celebrated that week. 

Now congregations can access an exciting new tool which shows this weekly ministry information in graphical form.  The Conference Dashboard is now accessible through the North Alabama Conference website.

The Dashboard allows a viewer to see information and trends about the Conference as a whole, a particular district or even a particular local church.

Ministry information includes membership, worship attendance, baptisms, professions of faith and payment of apportionments.  (The data about connectional giving, or apportionments, comes from the Conference Treasurers Office.  Once connectional giving from a congregation is processed, it will appear in the Dashboard.)

Features of the dashboard include

  • A set of gauges that quickly show if the trend for the week is a significant gain, a significant loss or a holding steady for the year.
  • An Interesting Stats chart that features top 5 lists of churches in each benchmark area in the Conference or a particular District.
  • A Year To Date trend chart that plots each reported ministry number each week.
  • A three year history trend chart which plots the ministry numbers from the Local Church Year-End Statistical Report local congregations have completed each January.

Bishop Will Willimon says, “I think the Conference Dashboard is going to help revolutionize the way we are able to do ministry in North Alabama.  For the first time we will be able to access current ministry information about our local churches.  In the past, when we have had to wait for year-end reports to be printed, sometimes the only statistical information available has been a year or 18 months old or older.  Now, through the Dashboard we can work with current information and see trends in our ministry as they are happening.  This is exciting.”

To access the Conference Dashboard

  • Visit the Conference website (www.northalabamaumc.org).
  • At the top of the home page click the Church Stats link. 
  • Then on the next page click the large link for the Conference Dashboard.  This will cause a  new browser window to open and you access the Dashboard information.

Click here to view an online video on how to use the North Alabama Conference Dashboard.

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