Blountsville UMC puts faith into action as they turn Church Inside-Out to make disciples


Blountsville UMC turned the church inside-out on Sunday, March 29. 

Believing it is God’s will for the church to share Jesus and serve others, members decided to be the church rather than just go to church. 

Members arrived Sunday morning dressed in cover-alls, paint clothes, and blue jeans, ready to take action in the community.  The congregation divided into three “outside” teams and two “inside” teams. 

A total of 82 people went into the community. The teams were led by lay people who directed activities such as painting fences and dug outs for the city park, raking leaves at the elementary school, and knocking on doors with gifts of fresh bread and invitations to the church’s Easter services.  Two inside teams provided childcare and prepared lunch for the laborers.

The school custodian commented, “This is one of the greatest things anyone’s ever done for us.” 

One lady who received a visit said, “You’re the first church to knock on my door and give me an invitation.”

Pastor Bart Bowlin said  “It’s a risky and radical thing to not have a 'worship service' but we believe our faith in action was a form of worship, a form of discipleship, and hopefully a step in making new disciples.”

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