HealthFlex participants can earn $125 at Annual Conference


Who says it doesn’t pay to attend Annual Conference?

Annual Conference members and their spouses who are enrolled in the Conference Health Insurance program (HealthFlex), can walk away with $125.  That’s $25 in HealthCash and an actual $100 bill. 

The payment is available only when clergy, spouses and lay workers covered by HealthFlex

  1. enroll in the Virgin HealthMiles Walking program before May 1, 2009 
  2. take the ProCheck health screening at Annual Conference.

HealthFlex is committed to keeping participants healthy.  Both the Virgin HealthMiles Walking program and the ProCheck health screening are positive steps toward preventing serious disease and maintaining good health.

The Virgin HealthMiles Walking Program is a first-of-its kind health incentives program designed to get participants active and fit --from those who want a simple walking program to fitness fanatics. 

HealthMiles encourages, supports and rewards participants for all kinds of physical activity. When participants enroll they receive a GoZone pedometer which plug it into their computer and automatically uploads the step count to their HealthMiles account. By tracking daily activity, taking measurements, completing a fitness assessment and more, particiapnts earn reward points, or "  HealthMiles" as they are called. As HealthMiles add up, participants proceed through a series of Reward Levels, where they can receive more HealthCash, bigger rebates, and other cool stuff.

In order to receive the $125 incentive at Annual Conference, you must be enrolled in the Virgin HealthMiles walking program and your pedometer must be activated prior to May 1, 2009. 

To enroll in the HealthMiles Walking Program -

  • Go to, log in to your HealthFlex/WebMD account, and click “Join Now!”  Note: Spouses covered by HealthFlex need to enroll in the walking program under their own HealthFlex/WebMD account to earn incentives.
  • Persons who activate their pedometer after April 30, 2009 will not be eligible to receive the $100 bill at Annual Conference, but will receive a check for $100 in the mail. It takes a week or two after your enrollment to receive your pedometer, so why not enroll today?

Using a simple blood test, the ProCheck health screening provides information about cholesterol levels, heart disease risk, stroke risk, diabetes risk and management, thyroid abnormalities, kidney disease, anemia or iron overload, prostate cancer in men and liver disease. The ProCheck screening is offered for no fee for all participants and spouses covered by HealthFlex.

ProCheck screenings are administered by Health Ministries Association (HMA), under contract with HealthFlex.

Clergy, lay workers and spouses not covered by HealthFlex also may take the ProCheck screening during annual conference for a fee of $115 (payable at the time of service by cash, check or credit card). These tests might cost much more at a doctor’s office or other medical facility.

To participate  in the ProCheck health screenings

  • Look for the ProCheck sign at annual conference June 4-6, 2009 at ClearBranch UMC.
  • For the most accurate results, fast (no food or beverages) until after your ProCheck blood draw—but it’s OK to drink water and brush your teeth. ProCheck screenings will begin early in the morning, so you can catch up on breakfast right after the screening.
  • Some people with diabetes or on certain medications should not fast. If you’re not sure, ask your doctor.

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