Turning Point Celebrates First Easter


Written by Berry Faust, Pastor, Turning Point


Turning Point is now a year old.  We had our first service April 13, 2008. A lot has happened in a year. We are a group of believers with a vision and desire to make a difference, a turning point for believers who became disenfranchised with the normal Church Culture, a haven for non believers, and a place to test the waters of the Christian faith. We started our first Sunday in a rented church building with no idea what God would do. He sent 69 people to that first service! During the months that followed we experienced major blessings.  The building was supplied to us rent free; the only expense was some upgrades on the facility and keeping all utilities working, lights, water, heat and cooling. We never did have hot water in the bathrooms; it’s amazing what we take for granted.


During one period from Thanksgiving till Christmas we saw major health issues, heart attacks, blood clots, stomach problems in which my wife, Linda was hospitalized for 19 days. The secretary treasurer experienced heart attacks, three while in the emergency room, her heart was shocked three times, and another member experienced blood clots after a surgical procedure. They are all well now and doing fine, during that period of time we grew much closer as a Church, we were taught and experienced true Christian love.


We have been financially God supported since the beginning. All our needs have been met without any outside subsidies. Our attendance for the year since we began averaged 60 in worship. We felt so blessed to have a place to gather, a place to reach out, and a place to experience God’s abundance and care.


Turning Point is located in the Locust Fork community in Blount County. In March, with a contract in our hands to purchase 8.5 acres of land on Highway 79, an amazing thing happened. Conversation to merge Tabernacle and Turning Point UMC began. Things moved quickly. On March 22, 2009 we had a joint worship at the Tabernacle facility with 104 people in attendance. On April 2, 2009 at a joint Charge Conference the churches merged and became Turning Point United Methodist Fellowship on Tabernacle Road.


On Easter Sunday we experienced the amazing power of God with our largest attendance to date. We had 145-150 in Worship, that followed a moving Easter Service including, Sunrise Service, breakfast prepared and cleaned up by the men, music from Our Youth teams, congregational singing, and a message on “New Life.” God filled the Altar during the invitational song. During that time, one man received New Life, four rededicated their life. A total of 9 families (26 people) joined Turning Point - fifteen by profession, five by transfer along with their kids. During the Altar service there were numerous prayers and a personal witness about healing. So much was going on I had to have help meeting the needs of the people at the Altar. During the joining portion the recording secretary and secretary treasurer recorded the information from those joining. To say the least this was the most amazing day of Ministry we have ever experienced. We can’t wait to see what God does next.


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