Northwest District celebrates new District Relief Trailer


On Sunday, May 17, 2009, the churches in the Northwest District were able to touch and see the results of their efforts in finally securing a Disaster Relief Trailer. Most of the major tools as required by the Annual Conference are on the trailer.  Some smaller tools are still needed. 

Northwest District Superintendent Rev. Mike Stonbraker says, "We hope to dedicate the trailer at the next District Conference on September 20, 2009.  It is available for any local church in the district to use in times of a disaster.  When it is not in use as a Disaster Trailer, it can be converted in a matter of minutes to become a means for carrying flood buckets, layette kits, health kits and other relief supplies into a disaster area."

This dual purpose means  greater use can be made of this piece of equipment.  In the past eleven months, trailers and trucks had to be found to take supplies from the Disaster Warehouse in Decatur to Beaver Dam, KY for the ice storms, to Greenwood, MS for flood relief (2 trailers for this one) and two eighteen wheelers to Houston and Galveston, TX for Hurricanes Gustav and Ike.

When UCMOR and Sager Brown called during the two hurricanes, they picked up the bill for the freight.  But it was the people of the local churches in the N-AL Conference who made this happen by having the flood buckets, blankets, health kits, school kits, and layette kits already in the warehouse ready for shipment.

The trailer has an inside dimensions of  7' X 14', a “V” nose and is heavy-duty constructed.  It is a pull-behind trailer.  Any half-ton pick up with a towing package can pull it, but a three-quarter ton pick up with a towing package would be preferred.  About five years back, the Annual Conference asked each District to provide such a trailer for the use by all churches in their districts.  We are thankful that the Northwest District has arrived! 

Now the Northwest District has another means to demonstrate the Love of Christ to those who have lost so much in their lives.  Thank you Lord, and thank you members of the Northwest District.

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