"Serve God, Save the Planet" author to speak at Trinity UMC in Birmingham on August 23


Dr. Matthew Sleeth, Christian environmentalist and author of Serve God, Save the Planet, will speak at Trinity UMC in Birmingham on Sunday, August 23, 2009, during the morning worship services (8.45 and 11a.m.). He will also speak and answer questions during the Sunday school hour (10 a.m.).

Five years ago, Dr. J Matthew Sleeth and his family lived in a big house on the coast, had two luxury cars and many material possessions. As chief of the medical staff at a large hospital, Sleeth was living the American dream – until he realized that something was terribly wrong. As he saw patient after patient suffering from cancer and other chronic diseases, he began to understand that the earth and its inhabitants were in trouble. Feeling helpless, he turned to his faith for guidance. He discovered how the Scriptural lessons of personal responsibility, simplicity, and stewardship could be applied to modern life.

During this journey Sleeth asked himself the question: what is the most important issue facing humanity today? His answer: our planet is dying. He and his family took the radical step of downsizing their lifestyle. They moved into a house the size of their previous garage, and made it their goal to live lightly and more sustainably on the earth.

Serve God, Save the Planet is a deeply personal book with far-reaching ramifications for Christians and all those who take their devotion to God seriously. The book presents a gripping account of Dr. Sleeth’s, a former emergency room doctor, personal and spiritual journey to environmental stewardship. It lays out sobering rationale for life changes and a “how-to” guide for lifestyle changes that will help care for others and protect the earth.

“Although I believed in the “environmental cause” before I accepted Christ as my Savior, my belief did not translate into action,” Dr. Sleeth writes. “After I became a Christian, I went through a process of examining my life, and I found it was filled with sin and hypocrisy. I decided to conduct an assessment and figure out a rough estimate of the actual environmental impact by my family. This honest inventory indicated what the Christian faith required of me.”

In Serve God, Save the Planet, Dr. Sleeth shares the joy of adopting a less materialistic lifestyle, and reveals what was easy and what was hard about the changes his family has made. He shares how material downscaling led his family to healthier lifestyles, stronger relationships, and richer spiritual lives.

“Because of these changes,” Dr. Sleeth writes in his book, “we have more time for God. Spiritual concerns have filled the void left by material ones. Owning fewer things has resulted in things no longer owning us.”

Dr. Sleeth now travels the country and speaks about how our Christian faith should transform how we live and how we think about our relationship to God’s creation. For more visit: http://www.servegodsavetheplanet.org/

For more information about Dr. Sleeth's August 23 visit contact Rev. Matt Lacey.

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