Children's Workers gather for visioning event


On Saturday, August 22, more than one hundred children’s ministry workers and volunteers gathered together for a visioning session.

The vision session actually occurred in locations throughout the Conference as children’s ministry volunteers were invited to gather in their district area. Sixteen powerfully equipped children’s pastors in our conference facilitated the discussion.

The facilitators asked good questions about how the church could have a more effective ministry by creating a clear vision that best fits the church’s context for ministry.

North Alabama Conference Children’s Coordinator Rev. Elizabeth Nall says, “They looked at who God is calling their church to be for the children in their community. Churches had the opportunity to think through how the vision for their ministry affects all aspects of interaction with the children from the curriculum you select to the ministry events you plan. It was a highly successful day!”

Empowering a New Generation of Christians is one of the ministry priorities of the North Alabama Conference. Nall invites your Children’s ministry team to take a look at the questions that discussed that Saturday by clicking here. 

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