Northwest District’s Brandon Ministry Center provides a sign of God’s calling


Rev. Alan Beasley, pastor of Russellville First UMC recently shared the following story with Northwest District Superintendent Rev. Mike Stonbraker.

A young man name Brandon, member of a rural Baptist Church in Franklin County had felt God's call to preach and had been struggling with the call. Upon leaving the Florence Mall one day recently, he prayed, "Ok God, I just need a sign to tell me this is what I am supposed to do." Just then, as he was traveling down Veterans Drive he looked up and the sign flashed "Brandon Ministry." From that moment he knew what he was suppose to do.

That sign was the sign marking the Brandon Ministry Center in the Northwest District.

Rev. Beasley concludes, “So even the United Methodists can help call a Baptist into ministry. Such is the Kingdom of God.”


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