Health Kits needed for Haiti Emergency


North Alabama Conference Director of Mission and Advocacy Rev. Matt Lacey says, “Many of you may have heard of the devastation that took place near the capital city of Port au Prince, Haiti yesterday afternoon.  An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0, 10 miles away from the city populated by the millions, has all but destroyed Port au Prince and surrounding areas.  The death toll could easily reach thousands of people, and repair costs will be in the billions.  This devastation will be felt for years in what is already the poorest country in the hemisphere.”

He also notes things your congregation can do to help:

Health Kits

Rev. Ray Crump has reported that The North Alabama Conference Disaster Response Warehouse in Decatur, AL has already planned to ship out 3,000 health kits to those in need in Haiti, but that stock will need to be replenished so more can go out as they are needed.  If you church has UMCOR health kits, or wishes to make health kits, please click this link for instructions. (Here is a downloadable PDF file of the kit contents.) Then contact the Decatur Warehouse at (256) 341-9961 or Rev. Matt Lacey at  when completed for delivery instructions.

The Disaster Response warehouse may also need volunteers to assemble or collect kits.  If you church is interested in volunteering at the warehouse in Decatur, AL, contact the warehouse at (256) 341-9961

Rev. Lacey says, "It is being reported that there are no functioning hospitals currently in Port au Prince—these health kits maybe one glimmer of hope to save lives in Haiti."

Financial Donations to UMCOR

You can also donate directly to those affected through UMCOR. Mark your donations “Haiti Emergency Advance #418325."
 You may give

By Offering - For local church and Annual Conference credit, put your gift in the offering plate on Sunday.

By Check - Make your check to UMCOR and send to: UMCOR, PO Box 9068, New York, NY 10087

By Credit Card - Call toll-free (800) 554-8583 or Give online by clicking here.

Biship Will Willimon says, "Patsy and I had life-changing experiences on mission trips to Haiti. Our hearts go out to our Haitian brothers and sisters. I am thrilled that our North Alabama Conference mission and disaster response ministry is prepared for this crisis and is responding immediately. I ask all of our churches to do what they can to particiapte in this effort."

Willimon also notes the strength of the United Methodist connection during times of disaster and that North Alabama's own Paulette West is helping coordinate the Southeastern Jurisdiction's reponse efforts through her role as Executive Director of SEJ United Methodist Volunteers in Mission.

No Volunteer Teams Needed at this Time

Churches are asked NOT to send volunteers to Haiti at this time, as this has the potential to create a personnel and safety problem.  Trained United Methodist disaster response teams are already working on the ground, and when volunteers are needed in the coming weeks and months they will notify all Methodist agencies. 

Rev. Lacey also noted that the State Department has a number for Americans seeking info about family in Haiti: 1-888-407-4747.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Rev. Matt Lacey at

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