SpouseConnect blog created to provide clergy spouses a “safe space” to share and find community

March 29, 2010

In late 2009, a small group of United Methodist pastors' spouses, created a blog called SpouseConnect which seeks to provide a safe space for the husbands and wives of pastors and others in congregational ministry to share frustrations, joys, concerns, and ideas with others who understand.

Co-developer of the blogsite Kathy Armistead, a United Methodist clergy spouse from Nashville, sees SpouseConnect as reaching out and helping various categories of persons. "SpouseConnect was started because pastors' spouses too often feel lonely, disconnected, and frustrated, and have no one they can openly, honestly share these feelings with."

"We're happy to include all or any pastor's spouse not just United Methodist's and not just ordained clergy spouses. We want to reach out to the local pastor spouses as well," Armistead says.

The address of the spouseconnect blog is http://spouseconnect.blogspot.com.

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