Trustees Chair offers Camp Sumatanga update


Camp Sumatanga Update

While Camp Sumatanga had its challenges last year, as did many organizations during the recession, thanks to the members of the North Alabama Conference, Camp finished 2009 on a strong note. When Bob Murray reported at 2009’s Annual Conference that Camp needed $300,000 to survive past August, you responded with great love and affection for Camp. Indeed, more than $600,000 was donated to Camp during last summer and early fall. And, through an anonymous donation, Camp was able to pay off over $700,000 of remaining debt from the building of the Retreat Center years ago.

Camp utilization has also increased significantly, with utilization back to the levels prior to the recession. We greatly appreciate and welcome all of you who use Sumatanga for your gatherings. Sumatanga means “a place of rest and vision”. It was that when Camp was formed years ago and remains that today. If you have not experienced the peace, tranquility, and presence of God at Camp lately, we invite you to make a reservation.

Historically, Pool Camp has been used most heavily during the summer months. Thus, we are using the current “down time” to significantly enhance Pool Camp. The cabins, which were built in the 1950’s, are undergoing extensive refurbishing. The bathrooms, which were small and in need of updating, are being totally remodeled. Five of the cabins will be remodeled prior to 2010 Summer Camp, with the remaining cabins being remodeled starting in the fall of 2010. Also, Pool Camp’s Assembly Hall and Classrooms have new roofs, bathrooms, and electrical. Much of this work is being done by volunteers, with some having professional experience in the construction trades. All work is being supervised by individuals with professional experience.

Bob Murray has provided wonderful leadership to Camp as its Executive Director since January, 2008. As has been announced previously, Bob will be accepting an appointment to a local church this June. Camp’s Board of Trustees are currently engaged in a national search for the next Executive Director. With Camp’s positive momentum, we are confident that highly qualified candidates will find this position attractive.

Mike Byrne
Chair, Sumatanga Board of Trustees

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