Send More People from Your Church to Annual Conference to be Equipped for More Effective Leadership


by Rev. Dale Cohen, Director of Connectional Ministires

Churches are normally represented at Annual Conference with a Lay Member and their Clergy Person; however this year on Saturday, June 5, 2010, we’re inviting you to “expand” your church’s participation by sending additional leaders to hear Rev. Adam Hamilton of Kansas City’s United Methodist Church of the Resurrection. Rev. Hamilton is not only leading United Methodism’s fastest growing and largest church; he is leading the entire denomination in renewal as he echoes John Wesley’s call to be involved in both evangelism and social justice that transforms lives and transforms communities.

Church of the Resurrection is solidly United Methodist and is committed to the opportunities that being a part of the connection can provide. Indeed, Rev. Hamilton and others on staff at Church of the Resurrection are producing resources for use in their church and making them available to the larger denomination. These resources are some of the best resources being produced anywhere in all of Christian publishing. We will have many of these resources available for you to review in the Cokesbury Book store at Annual Conference.

Adam Hamilton will be teaching at three different times throughout the day on Saturday, June 5. The sessions will be at 9 am, 10:45 am, and 1:30 pm and he will be focusing on leadership that produces growth in God’s church. That’s why it’s important for each church to bring additional leaders to hear what Adam has to say. We are asking every church to bring a minimum of one additional leader, but hopefully more to learn from Rev. Hamilton more about evangelism and church health.

Additional participants from your church should register at the annual conference registration page on the conference website as a "visitor" and order lunch so we can have an adequate supply of food and so we can provide additional space for the sessions if needed.

In August, the Conference Evangelism Team will sponsor several meetings in various places in the conference to discuss Adam Hamilton’s ideas and other ideas for church growth and health, as well as other appropriate tools for reaching new people for Christ.

The entire Church of the Resurrection Congregation in Kansas City is praying for our time with their pastor. Every church and pastor of the North Alabama Conference is being prayed for by name in preparation for what God is going to do through this event that is designed to equip us to be more leaders in the Kingdom of God. Your church and your pastor are being prayed for by at least ten to twelve members of Rev. Hamilton’s church every day because they want to see the United Methodist Church in North Alabama growing again.

The Annual Conference registration deadline is May 19. Please register early so we can be the best possible hosts for this transforming event.

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