Bishop Willimon preaching in dozens of North Alabama Churches on growth of the Kingdom of God


As part of the North Alabama Conference’s emphasis on evangelism and church growth, Bishop Willimon has recorded three sermons on DVD to be used in North Alabama congregations. All of the sermons are keyed to passages from the gospels that speak to the growth of the Kingdom of God.

“My hope, in these sermons, is to highlight growth as an essential mark of a faithful congregation,” said Bishop Willimon.

This spring the North Alabama Conference Cabinet made these videos available specifically to small membership churches. The DVD was designed so congregations could hear one, two or all three of the sermons on one, two or three successive Sundays in May.

These DVDs are now available to other North Alabama congregations who wish to use them. Congregations will require a DVD player to show these sermons. They are designed to be shown in Sunday worship or at other gatherings.

These sermons will also be available through Bishop Willimon’s podcast in June 2010 for individuals who wish to hear the messages. Click here for more information about the Bishop’s Podcast.

Congregations wishing to use a copy of Bishop Willimon’s DVD with three sermons on Kingdom growth, you may obtain a copy by contacting Mary Simpson in the Office of Communication at; (205) 226-7974; or 800-239-7950.

“I’ve been privileged to preach in well over two hundred churches in our Conference. Now, through the aid of video technology, I’ll be able to preach in many more!” said Bishop Willimon.

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