New ministry for children offered at Camp Sumatanga


A new educational experience for children is now available for children from 5K through sixth grade at Camp Sumatanga. Called Creation Classroom, the program is led by Luke Milam of Children’s Bible Ministries. Milam's role in the program is to lead children’s groups in activities that challenge them spiritually, physically, emotionally and academically by giving them an opportunity to experience nature at Sumatanga on a personal level.

The goal is to use Camp Sumatanga—God’s creation—as a platform to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Luke’s educational experience utilizes the 1,700 acres of camp as a way for participants to experience God. Each student will discover God’s love and learn to enjoy the earth’s ecosystems and resources God has given us, so they in turn can share this with others.

Creation Classroom offers these sessions:

  • Edible and medicinal plants
  • Water pollution and filtration
  • History of Camp Sumatanga
  • First aid
  • Apologetics

The class is a four-hour program, which covers two or three subjects of your choice. Milam can also customize a subject that pertains to what your group is studying, with prior arrangement. The total cost is $15 per child, which includes a sack lunch for each participant. Weekday groups can request a discount.

To schedule this fascinating activity for your children’s group, daycare, or class at Sumatanga, please call Laura Hilburn or Debbie Barrett at 256-538-9860.

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