insideOut helps churches focus on ministry outside their church doors


InsideOUT is an exciting vision that has grasped the attention of churches in both the Mountain Lakes and Cheaha Districts this summer.  This vision is leading the congregations to step outside their church doors and be in ministry to children in their community.

The ministry assigns a college intern to a congregation which has formed an InsideOUT team of laity. They work together to develop a six week stint of summer ministry to children in their local community.

The rule is – take it outside the walls of the church. The team must be creative in considering the context of their local community and taking the ministry to where children live out their daily lives. That could be the pool, apartment complexes, parks, etc.  The Ministry Team works with the intern to create events in their community and then follow-up with the people they meet. The team also develops a long range plan for the congregation to continue this ministry once the intern's stint is over.

InsideOut Coordinator Beth Sanford says, “Seventeen churches have created insideOUT children’s ministry teams this summer. The teams are lay lead and empowered by a Great God who want us to get out of our church pews and meet Him in our neighborhoods through the eyes of children.” She adds, “The summer interns are placed in these churches as the ‘B-12’ that ignites these InsideOUT teams into ministry. They lead messy, crazy games full of fun and excitement, have fun snacks/lunches and share the love of Jesus with no strings attached.”

During their time as InsideOut interns, the college students are mentored by seasoned children’s ministers from other congregations and by the pastor of the church in which they are serving.

The program started in the Mountain Lakes District in 2009. InsideOUT is proving to help develop outreach momentum in congregations, rejuvenate pastors, give young adults quality ministry leadership experience and show the love of Jesus to children with which congregations were not formerly in ministry.

The insideOUT 2010 churches and interns are:

Cheaha District

  • Alexandria UMC - Holly Martin
  • Center Point UMC - Laura Rochester
  • Coldwater UMC - Kasey Gilliam
  • DeArmanville UMC - Bre Kirkpatrick
  • Lincoln UMC - Chelsea Harrison
  • Rising Star UMC - Latasha McRae and Brittany Forbes
  • Trinity UMC (Talladega) - Natasha Williams
  • Trussville UMC - Corine Hancock and Jonathan Stewart
  • Wilson’s Chapel UMC - Haylyn Potter

Mountain Lakes District

  • Asbury UMC (Albertville) - Rebecca Kallies
  • Christ Central UMC - Cameron Cleveland
  • Geraldine FUMC - Maggie Hutchinson
  • East Gadsden UMC - Beth Johnson and Scott Clark
  • Henryville UMC - Carleigh Brown
  • Lester Memorial UMC -Samantha Mowdy
  • Pleasant Grove UMC/Joppa - Kenneth Moore
  • Snead FUMC - Skyler Jones

The insideOut interns are telling the story of insideOut through a blog and photo gallery on the North Alabama Conference website. Take time to read the blog and post a comment with your words of encouragement and prayers for the interns and congregations.

Click here for the InsideOUT Blog.

Click here for the insideOut 2010 Photo Gallery.


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