New Guidebook filled with details about UM-related Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Theological Schools


A new guidebook that provides a wealth of information about the 121 United Methodist-related schools, colleges, universities, and theological schools should help high school students easily compare tuition, degrees awarded, and possible financial aid.

The Guidebook of United Methodist-Related Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Theological Schools will be useful for students, pastors, youth leaders, and parents who want to learn more about United Methodist-related educational institutions.

“We hope local churches and youth leaders will make this book available to high school students to help with their college selection process,” said Wanda Bigham, assistant general secretary for Schools, Colleges, and Universities of the General Board of Higher Education’s Division of Higher Education. “The snapshot of information about each institution will help students find one of our colleges or universities that is the best fit for their journey.”

In addition to information about the 98 United Methodist-related colleges, the guidebook contains a sketch of the 13 United Methodist theological schools, and the 10 college preparatory schools. Each institution’s Web site, as well as contact information for the admission office, a list of degrees offered, and information about religious life on campus, dorms, and sports are all included.

A depiction of the student body is included: undergraduate and graduate enrollment, racial/ethnic enrollment, as well as what percentage of the students are male or female.

Order online for $5 at or call 1-800-672-1789. 

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