Young Adults of the Scottsboro Circuit UMC plant community vegetable garden


As the young adults of the Scottsboro Circuit (Aspel, New Hope and Hollis Memorial UMCs in the Northeast District) began planning for the summer of 2010, Pastor Donna King directed the group to think about mission/outreach projects that could be done in the community. Ideas for helping several community service agencies were discussed, but one member of the group, Jason Aericko, shared his vision that the group should begin their own project that would be an outreach to the community.

The community garden had been an idea that others in the Circuit had previously discussed but it had never come to fruition. All the young adults (or YAMS as they are affectionately called) voted to make the idea a reality.

There are a number of people who live in trailer parks near the Hollis Memorial Church who would not have room, or otherwise be unable, to plant a vegetable garden. There are others who have difficulty paying for fresh vegetables. Through this ministry, the church group could provide for the needs of this community of people, as well as others.

The group sought ideas, advice, and donations from more seasoned gardeners in the Circuit. The Scottsboro High School Greenhouse donated a number of tomato plants, and donations of seeds and plants came from various members of the churches. Tomatoes, okra, squash, corn, cucumbers, watermelon, and beans were donated for planting.

To get the word out, a newspaper article was printed in the Daily Sentinel, Scottsboro's newspaper and fliers were printed and carried to nearby businesses.

The group began planting in May and the group has prayed for the garden and those who would receive the fruits of their labor. There is no application/proof of need. People from the community are simply invited to come get fresh vegetables.


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