Committee on Episcopacy seeks input for January meeting


Greetings from the North Alabama Conference Committee on Episcopacy.

It is hard to believe we are in the seventh year of Bishop Willimon’s eight years with us. Even as we continue to serve faithfully with our Bishop’s strong leadership, in good Wesleyan fashion, we are planning ahead.

We know we will be receiving a new bishop in 2012 and it is very important that we prayerfully access the needs of our conference as well as the opportunities for continued growth in disciple making under the leadership of our next Episcopal leader.

The Southeastern Jurisdiction Committee on Episcopacy (SEJ-COE) will be meeting in Knoxville, TN on January 6-7. The SEJ-COE will be meeting separately and conjointly with the SEJ College of Bishops. In the SEJ-COE meetings, preparation will begin to prepare the committee for making the episcopal assignments in 2012 for the 15 annual conferences in our jurisdiction. At this point, the two representatives from each conference will share the leadership characteristics that best fit their area. This will help with the assignments of the new and continuing active bishops at the SEJ Jurisdictional Meeting in July of 2012. NO ASSIGNMENTS will be made until after the new bishops have been elected. (At this point it looks as though we will be electing 5 new bishops.)

At the recent meeting of the conference committee, we shared our thoughts about the leadership qualities we felt are needed to keep us challenged and equipped to answer God’s call. Our committee strongly agreed that we would be glad to have input from laity and clergy in our conference. We invite any of you who would like to make suggestions to do so. In order for us to prepare well, we ask you to communicate with us by December 17. Bill Morgan (clergy) and Gloria Holt (laity) are the two representatives from our conference on the SEJ-COE. Please contact us at: and .

We thank God for grace for our churches and our conference as we seek to make more disciples of Jesus Christ by taking risks and changing lives.

Gloria Holt
Chair NAC Committee on the Episcopacy

Committee Members:
Tom Bell, Neal Berte, Glenn Conner, Laura Eanes, Heather Griffin Eubanks, Ellen Harris, Alan Head, Charles Lee, Robert Lewis, Bill Morgan, Ann Neighbors, Zac Riddle, Ben Watson, Billy York.

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