Nauvoo UMC celebrates two years of serving community through Christian’s Place Mission


In December 2010, the congregation of Nauvoo UMC (Southwest District) celebrated the two year anniversary of Christian’s Place Mission.

This outreach to the Nauvoo community fed 1,993 clients in 2010. A total of 3,168 people have been fed since the mission’s opening in 2008.

Carole Newman, Director of Christian’s Place Mission, notes some of the other ministry highlights during 2010. These include:

  • Purchase an old house with two parcels of land diagonally from the church
  • Receive our first mission grant from the North Alabama Methodist Conference
  • Celebrate 117 year homecoming of Nauvoo UMC with church dinner and singing
  • Distribute 60 special Easter Food Bags
  • Offer Vacation Bible School taught by Riverchase UMC youth
  • Receive a grant for a freezer from Alabama Power
  • Receive a grant from the Federal Phase 28 (United Way) which allowed us to help 12 clients with their utility bills
  • Receive 40 school bags with school supplies from Riverchase UMC children’s ministry
  • Build a deck on the church, paint the old house front and deep clean the church interior with help from Riverchase UMC youth and other volunteers
  • Create a five year plan for much needed expansion
  • Paint part of the church exterior
  • Receive notification of another grant coming from the North Alabama United Methodist Conference in January 2011
  • Distribute 70 special Thanksgiving Food bags
  • Purchase and placed a school-type trailer on the new property to start the five year expansion plan
  • Distribute 70 special Christmas Food bags and provide Christmas gifts for 94 children

Newman says, “We especially want to thank the 356 volunteers from 23 different churches who have served at the mission this year and the 582 volunteers who have who have served since our opening in December 2008. With your continued support of volunteering, tax free donations and prayers, we will continue to serve more people in Nauvoo, AL and the surrounding areas for 2011. You are all in our prayers daily.”

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