Bishop invites United Methodists to April 6 Leadership Summit


On April 6, 2011, from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. there will be a "Leadership Summit" sponsored by the Council of Bishops of the United Methodist Church. The summit will be webcast from Nashville and will feature feedback by email from viewers around the Connection.

Bishop Will Willimon says, "This webcast is an initiative by the Council of Bishops to develop transformative leadership in our church. While a number of our Districts will be gathering to view this webcast, I would like to invite people to join me at the United Methodist Center to participate in this educational experience."

Bishop Willimon adds that participants can take part in any or all of the three hour learning event. The webcast begins with a presentation by the Council of Bishops and then includes a guided conversation among participants in their own locations. A web interactive discussion will conclude the event.

"Our Conference has been pioneering some of the practices that will be lifted up during the webcast. I am pleased that the Council of Bishops has taken this initiative and invite fellow United Methodist’s to join me in Birmingham for this event," said Bishop Willimon.

The summit will be webcast from Nashville, Tennessee with conversation groups organized in each episcopal area. Feedback questions and comments may be sent by email to presenters who will respond to as many as possible during the last hour of the summit.

Here is more information about the Leadership Summit.

What Will the Format Be?

The first hour will consist of presentations by the Council of Bishops and representatives of the Call to Action Steering Team, followed by an hour of guided conversation among participants in their own locations and then a final hour in which the presenters in Nashville respond to email questions posed by leaders around the world.

Who Should Attend?

Lay and clergy leaders in United Methodist annual conferences around the world.

How Can Someone Participate?

It is preferred that persons gather in groups with a trained facilitator to help guide the conversation during the middle hour of the summit. Each bishop is free to organize as many such sites as needed in their annual conferences. Additionally, any individual may participate by logging on to Questions or comments can be sent to

What Can Participants Expect?

  • A clear and compelling summary from the Council of Bishops about the future of the UMC and the implications of the COB’s adoption of the Call to Action recommendations
  • An opportunity for Holy Conversation with other leaders from their annual conference about how they can best lead toward increasing the number of vital congregations. 
  • A deeper awareness of how our identity and aspirations as United Methodists shape the ways we worship, learn and work together to fulfill our 21st century mission


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