Lake Limestone Baptist Church of Thornton, Texas reaches out to destroyed Lakeview UMC


Two weeks after the tornadoes struck on April 27, Rev. Jimmy Bassham, senior pastor as Athens First UMC, received a call from Rev. Johnny Layton, the pastor of the Lake Limestone Baptist Church in Thornton, Texas. He called because he did not have any contact information for the pastor of Lakeview UMC in Tanner.

Rev. Layton told Rev. Bassham that some of his members had been in the Tanner area after the tornadoes and while there they saw the destruction of the Lakeview church. They returned to Thornton and told their church about what they had seen. Their church wanted to do something to help.

Bassham explains, “Reverend Layton asked if I would be willing to receive a check from them and send it on to the Lakeview congregation. I said that I would be delighted to do this. A week later I received a check in the amount of one-thousand dollars made payable to the Lakeview United Methodist Church.”

Rev. Bassham then forwarded the check to Rev. John Purifoy who is the pastor of Lakeview UMC. He concludes, “I do think this is another of the many remarkable examples of people reaching across all lines to help those in need. “

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