Fultondale UMC Students to spend 21 nights under mosquito nets to end malaria


Students from Fultondale UMC (Central District) are on a mission to heal. Joining together with 11 million United Methodists, they are fighting to wipe out malaria.

To raise money for Imagine No Malaria, students are asking people to make a pledge for each night a student sleeps under a mosquito net in front of the church. The effort began July 17 and the students are planning to continue until August 7.

Imagine No Malaria is an effort of the people of the United Methodist Church to raise $75 million to eliminate death and suffering from malaria in Africa by 2015. It is more than just a campaign against a disease that kills children and destroys families; it is a movement, to make real change in the world.

It is Imagine No Malaria is working with families in Africa to end millions of needless deaths from this disease through a comprehensive approach of prevention, education, communication and treatment.

Prevention: It’s about improving the ways people fight the disease locally -- using bed nets; access to diagnostic tests and medicine; draining standing water; improving sanitation.

Treatment: The focus is on improving infrastructure. There literally hundreds of churches, schools, hospitals and clinics operated by The United Methodist Church in Africa, but what good are they if medicines to treat malaria aren’t available? Imagine No Malaria want wants to make sure these facilities have the diagnostic tests and treatment needed to save lives.

Education: This is outreach to those who need it most. Last year alone, thousands of local people in African communities were trained to teach their communities about avoiding malaria. In Sierra Leone, these workers went door-to-door to deliver bed nets, install them in homes and teach folks how to properly use and care for the nets.

Communications: And finally, your support helps upgrade communications networks throughout the continent. Building new radio stations and providing hand-crank and solar-powered radios will ensure we are reaching great numbers of people with life-saving information about malaria

For more information contact Rev. Ron Gonia, pastor of Fultondale UMC.

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