New book by Southeast District Superintendent


A new book entitled Large Barns, No Barns and 21st Century Greed has been e-published by Dr. Richard L. Stryker, District Superintendent of the Southeast District. In the book, Stryker connects the teaching of Jesus’ parable of the rich fool to current realities in the U.S. and world economies. The book is being published in E-book format.

Bishop Willimon congratulated Dr. Stryker on the book. "Richard Stryker is not only an effective superintendent, he is also a fine scholar and writer," said Bishop Willimon. "Richard's newest book is a hard-hitting, biblical look at the economic implications of the Christian faith. Its publication is a high honor for the North Alabama Conference."

"I am pleased that a new generation of readers, E-book readers, is being reached with the message of the gospel in a manner that takes the Christian walk seriously," said Dr. Stryker.

"Large Barns, No Barns and 21st Century Greed addresses the everyday and important issues of greed, poverty, and the astounding gap between the 'haves and have-nots' of our society," said Bishop Willimon.

The book is available on the Kindle network. Click here to download the E-book book for $2.99 at

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