Bishop Willimon announces Cabinet changes


The Bishop and Cabinet have been working on a plan to expand effective, proactive, sustainable supervision across all of our eight Districts. As a result of this work, Bishop William H. Willimon announces a number of changes in the North Alabama Conference Cabinet that will take place by December 31, 2011.

The Reverend Sherill Clontz will serve as District Superintendent of the Cheaha District. “Considering her contributions to our Conference, it’s hard to believe that I had the honor of welcoming Sherrill into the ministry just eight years ago after her award winning run at Vanderbilt,” commented Bishop Willimon. "Since that time she has served as Conference Secretary, Secretary of the Cabinet, Associate DS of the Northeast District, and as a pastor in a diversity of congregations. We are giving the Cheaha District one of our best, most proven pastoral leaders.”

The Reverend Bob Alford will serve as District Superintendent of the Central District. Commenting on Bob Alford’s service, Bishop Willimon said, "Bob moved from a strong ministry at Cullman to take over the Cheaha District. He has led them through some solid, significant changes, improving their participation in our mission and revitalizing a number of their congregations. I’m confident Bob will continue this valuable leadership in the Central District, one of our growing, demanding districts."

Willimon said, “We have worked hard to transform the Cabinet from being a team of leaders into a unified, proactive leadership team.”

The Reverend Ron Schultz will continue to serve as District Superintendent of the South Central District. Bishop Willimon commented that “A major reason our Conference made it through the economic downturn without a diminishment of our funds for mission was Ron’s ability to serve two of our most active districts at the same time.”

Bishop Willimon also noted, “Gains have been made in our South Central District under Ron’s leadership. We want to give him time now exclusively to focus on that district, home of some of our boldest mission ventures and some of our most dynamic congregations.”

Bishop Willimon also announced that Rev. Schultz will serve as Assistant to the Bishop. “After leading an amazing church relocation that transformed a once declining congregation, we asked Ron to join us in the ministry of oversight," he said. "Ron has the distinction of being the only person to serve two districts – two of our largest – at one time. We all owe Ron a great debt of gratitude for that. Now I’m asking him not only to serve as South Central District DS but also as Assistant to the Bishop.

“For the past three years I haven’t had a clergy assistant, in our attempt to cut administrative costs during a tight time, continued Bishop Willimon. "Now that we have made significant gains, I want to restore this position. I’ll be asking Ron to lead the evaluation, planning, and transition to a new bishop next summer. He will be a great help not simply in administering the Conference, but also in growing our church!”

Bishop Willimon also announced the promotion of Jilda Hulsey to Administrative Assistant to the Bishop. “Jilda has served for many years as the bishop’s Executive Secretary and has been a wonderful colleague. She and Ron will make sure that so many of the changes that we’ve worked in North Alabama will be augmented and continued.”

All of the Committees on District Superintendency in each of the affected districts have enthusiastically embraced these changes as positive steps forward.

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