Birmingham-Southern College Faculty issue response to Alabama HB 56


At its November meeting, the Birmingham-Southern College faculty unanimously approved the following response:

Birmingham-Southern College nurtures the intellectual, ethical, and spiritual development of students from a variety of backgrounds. We seek to help all students engage in the global community by offering an education that develops understanding and appreciation for the larger world. An international community adds an important and valued dimension to the entire BSC campus. Because Alabama House Bill 56, the strict new state law targeting undocumented immigrants, alienates legal immigrants as well, it creates a climate of fear and xenophobia that diminishes all of us. Furthermore, it damages the reputation of our state and threatens the open atmosphere needed to foster a liberal arts education. United Methodists have taken a lead in opposing the law: Bishop William Willimon, head of the North Alabama Conference, with which BSC is affiliated, has taken a strong stand, saying that HB 56 runs counter to the spirit of compassion. As members of a diverse and welcoming community, the Birmingham-Southern College faculty also stands on the side of compassion and justice, in opposition to Alabama HB 56.

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