Cedar Hill UMC is a small church making a big impact


At Cedar Hill United Methodist Church, we began this year in agreement that we needed to have a more visible presence in the Leesburg community. Our Evangelism Team met and devised a strategy to host four large community activities, the first of which was a "Community Wide Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt" in the local park.

In an attempt to attract and serve those within the community who were nominally religious or not religious at all, we designed and sent flyers through the mail that would appeal to anyone, not just people of faith, and hosted the event at a location off church property.

At one point during the planning process, we began to question whether or not we had the ability and resources to pull off such an event, but it was at that point we were reminded of the conference mission statement "Every church challenged and equipped to make more disciples for Jesus Christ by taking risks and changing lives." Our risk was well worth it. We were able to serve more than 400 Leesburg residents, children and adult alike.

Hosting an event for the entire community was indeed a risk, but there is no doubt that by the end of the Easter Egg Hunt, lives were changed both within the community and among the congregation of Cedar Hill United Methodist Church. 

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