Magic City Miracle aims to change the face of Birmingham on September 30

September 04, 2012

Some United Methodists in the Birmingham area are expecting a miracle on September 30, 2012. In fact, they are working together to help it happen. . . and they are inviting others to be a part!

Through personal invitation; social media; and a comprehensive marketing plan with targeted television, newspaper, billboard, internet and radio advertising organizers are inviting others in the community – especially friends and neighbors who are not a part of the Church – to join them in a day of service when volunteers will blitz the city of Birmingham with compassion and a spirit of volunteerism.

They also are inviting other United Methodists to be a part of this planned community service day called “The Magic City Miracle.”

Rev. Wade Griffith, senior pastor of Liberty Park UMC explains, “This is an incredible opportunity for our United Methodist Church to lead the entire Birmingham Metro area in a day of community service.”

He further explains that focusing on community service is a way to reach out to young adults who are not interested in church, but who are interested in helping their community. The Magic City Miracle is a day to help them know The United Methodist Church cares about our neighborhoods and is active in our community.

“Research has shown us that teenagers, twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings are tired of hearing a laundry list of what/who the church is against,” Griffith says. “It's no secret that church attendance is at an all-time low for these demographics.  If we really want to be ‘evangelical’ and reach a new generation for Christ, we have to show the world a church that loves like Jesus loved.  The church loves to define faithfulness when what we really need to be doing is demonstrating it. “

He adds, “When people see us loving the unlovable, bathing the untouchable and living as servants, I truly believe we'll see the turnaround of our denomination.”

September 30 – a day of community service

The day will begin at noon as volunteers gather at Railroad Park in downtown Birmingham.  Teams of people will travel to their designated projects.  The 70+ projects range from providing needed repair and upkeep work for local nonprofits to doing storm recovery work in areas affected by the April 2011 tornado to preparing meals for local shelters to being a part of neighbor cleanups. The goal is to have a project in “every corner” of the city and to have a variety of projects so there is “something for everyone.”  As volunteers conclude their work they will once again gather at the Railroad Park Pavilion for food, fun and a time of celebration.

The original church partners planning the day of service include Liberty Crossings UMC, Discovery UMC, Avondale UMC, St. Junia UMC and Highlands UMC.

These churches are inviting all other Birmingham-area United Methodist Churches to also be a part of the big day.

“The Magic City Miracle needs your help! “Griffith says.

How local churches can help

  1. Provide a church van and driver to help shuttle volunteers to projects. Griffith notes, “This will also give your church some visibility due to the heavy media coverage of the event."
  2. Encourage church members to be volunteers.  (They can register at
  3.  Finally, there is still a need of donations to cover construction supplies for this event.  To respond to these needs, please contact Rev. Wade Griffith at

How individuals can volunteer

  1. Go go to
  2. Check out the projects on the Event Details page
  3. Click on the project of your choice (There are more than 70 from which to choose.)
  4. Click that project's registration button and fill out the form.

Griffith  concludes, “The Magic City Miracle is an opportunity for us to show central Alabama what the UMC is really all about!”

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