Conference Lay Leader Steve Lyles elected officer of SEJ Committee on Coordination and Accountability


North Alabama Conference Lay Leader Steve Lyles has been elected to serve as an officer of the Southeastern Jurisdiction Committee of Coordination and Accountability for the 2013-2016 quadrennium.

Lyles says, “It is an honor to serve on the Jurisdictional Committee of Coordination and Accountability along with Bishop Taylor and the other member of the Jurisdiction. There are members from all Annual Conferences in the Jurisdiction and both Clergy and Laity. “

The Committee of Coordination and Accountability (CCA) is made up of fifteen members elected by the Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference. The committee elects its own officers.  Bylaws state that either a bishop or lay leader serves as the chairperson of the CCA on a rotating basis for a two- year term.

Lyles will serve as Vice Chair and Bishop Mary Virginia Taylor, Bishop of the Holston Area, will serve as chairperson of this committee for the next two years.  The following two years Lyles will serve as Chair and Bishop Taylor will serve as Vice Chair.

The SEJ Committee on Coordination and Accountability was created at the 2008 Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference when the conference approved a new structure, which eliminated the SEJ Administrative Council (SEJAC) and created the Committee on Coordination and Accountability. The CCA is assigned the task of overseeing the work and ministry of The United Methodist Church across the jurisdiction.

As noted the the 2008 Journal of the Southeastern Jurisdiction, the responsibilities and function of the committee include:

  1. Having limited power, but with authority, to act between sessions of the Jurisdictional Conference on matters such as election of Trustees or Directors for entities requiring such action (e.g., Emory University Trustees and SEJ Agencies).
  2. Being the legal body of the Jurisdiction and guardian of the SEJ title and logo.
  3. Focusing on the mission and ministry of The United Methodist Church within the Jurisdiction.
  4. Coordinating and/or confirming the programs of the General Agencies within the Jurisdiction.
  5. Receiving regular reports from the Committee on Finance and Administration, and jurisdictional groups for mission and ministry.
  6. Relating to and holding accountable groups mandated by The Book of Discipline, Networking Groups, Monitoring Groups, and existing groups organized and functioning within the Jurisdiction

Lyles notes that one of the current focuses of the CCA is to offer help to the jurisdictional ministries and agencies in training future and present members of their Board of Directors as a way to strengthen ministry.

There are 15 Annual Conferences which make up the Southeastern Jurisdiction. Ministry and Agencies of the SEJ include Agencies: Gulfside Assembly, Hinton Rural Life Center, and Lake Junaluska Assembly, Inc.; Disciplinary Groups: Archives and History, and Ministry with Young People’s Convocation; and Ministries: Intentional Growth Center, SEMAR and United Methodist Volunteers in Mission.

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