St. Paul-Triana recognized as charter church


The St. Paul-Triana United Methodist Church has been a continuing witness for Jesus Christ since before 1832.  During its 62nd Harvest Celebration on November 18, 2012, St. Paul-Triana joined a growing list of churches recognized as a Charter Church of the North Alabama Conference. The Conference's Commission on Archives and History recognized St. Paul-Triana as a charter church at the 2012 Annual Conference. Mrs. Nell Berry, member of the Commission, presented the certificate to the St. Paul congregation at this harvest celebration.

Records show that the church has been located on its present site since 1852, when church leaders purchased the property on July 25, 1852 for the grand total of five dollars. St. Paul, now a predominantly African-American congregation, was almost certain to have been a predominantly white congregation at that time. It was known as the Methodist Episcopal Church South in Triana.

Because of its strategic location on the Tennessee River, Triana was a booming town prior to the coming of the railroad in the 1840s. With the decrease of the importance of commerce related to river traffic, most of Triana’s white residents eventually moved on and the black members inherited the church and property. 

November 18 was a high day for the members of St. Paul-Triana for several reasons. On this day, the congregation not only was recognized as a Charter Church and celebrated its 62nd Harvest Program, but it also held an Open House for its new education wing. The new facility more than doubles the size of the existing church building, adding several classrooms, a large fellowship hall, bathrooms, and administrative offices. The portion of the existing building that was being used for classrooms and fellowship hall will be reconfigured to expand the sanctuary. 

St. Paul-Triana is on the move and the congregation is excited about its future. The church is adding members to the congregation both on confession of faith and transfer. The town of Triana is experiencing tremendous growth due to the construction of new subdivisions in the town and surrounding area. St. Paul accepts this challenge and is reaching out to these newcomers with the love of Christ.  Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Emmanuel Kanunu, along with active and involved laity, St. Paul has a bright future.

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