Youth from Ethnic congregations share what Encounter 2013 meant to them


The North Alabama Conference Ethnic ministries gave full scholarships for youth from ethnic congregations to attend Encounter 2013. Below are testimonies from students and adults who took part in this annual event for youth.

Enon UMC

  • Chaperon:  I wish I knew about events like this when I was a child but it is the greatest thing you can do for kids in this time in age.
  • LaTunya Littlepage: This was my first time coming, but I have to say, this is a great thing for our youth, I will be here next year. Thanks.
  • Nyla Garrett: My second time being here was very fun and I eye opening. I felt different being here again. The things I learn is that god has a plan because he has his eye on you because he is our savior.
  • Shecoria Wright (9yrs old): What I liked about Encounter live is? Was when I saw Ben Nelson band.
  • TY: I like the new way they have Encounter
  • Charlotte Williams: Once again this has been an awesome Encounter 2013. GOD IS HERE
  • Aniayah B: My first time being here was very fun and eye opening. I felt God presents in the air. I learned alot about my God. We have to follow his plan and let bad things go. Amena Brown helped me learn that my writing can do something for someone. God put me here for a reason and now I know why. It has been great can’t wait to go back!!
  • Cezanne Hood: Very inspirational weekend! Uplifting and great fellowship. We learned that we have a plan!! Sooo looking forward to next!!
  • Narmada Jow: I learned that Jesus will never give up on you and that he will always be here with you
  • Alexandra Perry: This weekend I learned that God has a plan, man has a problem, but the choice is ours.
  • Jamyla N: this weekend I learned God has a plan Man has a problem the choice is up to you
  • Jasmine Williams: I has an awesome time I got to experience feelings I never thought I had I’ve gotten much closer to god also I realized that changed is good.
  • Tyell Midgett: The thing I’ve learned at encounter was that God has a plan for you as well as other and how material things cannot hold on to you and keep you safe only God can hold you and keep you from all hurt and danger.
  • Christina Jil: My time at Enocunter 2013 has been great. I really enjoyed coming, and if I could come again I would. I felt very welcomed. Thank you
  • Brandon Robinson: My experience at Enocunter this year was great. I really like Gatlinburg, Tennessee from the Haunted House, the T-shirts, and the glasses store. I also liked me fact that we just could be ourselves around everywhere.

St. James UMC - Irondale

  • Unknown: The encounter was awesome! I truly enjoyed the speakers. My high light was Amena Brown. I was blessed by being here. Pastor Q was soooo Awesome!!!
  • Pastor Q:  Omg!!! This conference challenged me as a youth leader. This was an amazing weekend. I got so close to my leaders, kids, and other UMC groups I needed this.
  • Que: I had fun on this trip. I’ve learned a lot about poems, God is a big parts of my life. I’ve learned that you have a choice in this world
  • SF: I really loved the power that Amena Brown brought to the table. She’s so in tune with God that he allows his voice to beat through her words I adored her poems.
  • Sydney: This experience has been great by experiencing Amena Brown expressing her words in spoken words. It spoke to me and I really enjoyed everything and everyone.
  • Odus: My favorite part of this weekend was Amena Brown the spoken word was phenomenal she really has a strong relationship with God and her poetry is awesome.
  • JB: My favorite part of the trip was seeing how people our age were using their talents to praise God. Even though it was a different atmosphere and type of worship it shows that church can be fun while being a learning lesson.
  • Chyna: My favorite part of the trip was being able praise God among kids my age. It was great experience. I also really enjoyed Amena Brown and her life story.
  • Unknown: What I like about this trip was that I was able to be here with my friends and learn about God. What I liked about this trip was to experience and learn more about God. It was great to meet new people. I would enjoy coming back.
  • Kenya: What I liked about this trip was out main thing was on God. We never took our mind off god. And I liked the spoken word when Amena brown spoke from the heart and what she felt. The preacher’s gift of telling; the story of David and Saul and painting that vivid picture of a caterpillar eating dirt afraid of what may lies ahead.
  • Traivonna Jones: My Favorite part of this trip was hearing Amena Brown. It was very touch to hear her words and they were very inspirational.


Sweet Home UMC

  • Mekhzsal Townsend: I learned a very valuable lesson to treat others how they want to be treated.
  • Keiona: I felt closer to him than ever before. I choose to right path. I had an amazing time. I’d really like to come back!!
  • Cameron: I had fun seeing every one happy on the trip. And I was happy seeing the band and different stuff in Gatlinburg, TN.
  • Malin: God has a plan and Man has a problem. The choice is up to you God to follow God’s plan. This weekend I learn about god and other things. And it was great at. At Encounter I learned about Jesus and not to Judge
  • Summer: Encounter really touched my heart
  • Holly Jay: I feel closer to god now that I experienced being here and I’m glad I came to encounter
  • Jordan Dobbins: This weekend was wonderful and busy we learned a lot and heard a lot of new music. This weekend we had lots of fun. We went swimming and we visited different stores. Most of all at encounter I had a great time. I learned god will always love and forgive you no matter how much wrong you do.
  • Quiara Davis: I had fun and I was and it was awesome. I got to learn more about god, and Jesus. I met new people and experienced new things. I had an amazing time and want to come here again. We listen to music. Hear testimonies and everything. It was an amazing experience and I loved it. I hope I get to come back. This helped me to communicate with god and Jesus.
  • Samaiyah: This past weekend at encounter I’ve learned a lot and also became closer to god. I enjoyed meeting new people. I learned not to pass judgment on people in to let god in your live
  • Unknown: This weekend I had a very fun time. I learned more things about Jesus all weekend. We had fun walking around and swimming. I had a great weekend it was so great this week I learned that god is the best person on the whole planet besides family

Pleasant Grove UMC

  • Marc Johnson: I liked the Ben Nelson Band, because they sung powerful songs.
  • Keith Twitty: Amena’s speeches really touched my heart.
  • RJ Evans: Super Duff and I like that he told about most of his life and his is funny
  • Marshall Johnson: Amena’s speaking. The way that she made the words rhyme and she put them together so perfectly. She had faith
  • Chandler Flanigan: Gof had a plan, Man has a problem, the choice is up to you.
  • Blake Malcom:  Jesus never holds you back he holds you in.
  • Kilee Scott: God has a plan, Man has a problem… The choice is UP TO YOU!!
  • Niya Evans: God has a plan, Man has a problem, the choice is up to you
  • Xavier Malcom: Duffie’s what inspired me. By his jokes and his preaching and his lesson about Jesus giving people bread and wine to remember him
  • Kaela Hall: God has a plan, man has a problem, the choice is up to you.
  • Asante Wilson: I learn that God has a plan, Man has a problem, and you have a chose to follow God or follow your own path. #nacencounter
  • Sheila Johnson: I was really moved by Amena Brown’s spoken word. She described faith in a very original way. She touched my heart in a special way. Mr. Duffy did a great job of describing what we as youth leaders are supposed to do. I loved his focus on Ephesians 4:15 and 2 Timothy 2:2 to distinguish between childish faith and childlike faith.

Lakeside UMC

  • Aaron Sullivan: This weekend we had a phrase that said “God has a plan, Man has a problem, the choice is up to you.”  This helped me realize that we don’t need all of the things that we have and we don’t need to do all of the things we do. If we do we are basically playing hid and go seek with God.
  • Michaela Maxton: This weekend was fun. I learned 3 major things: God has a plan; Man has a problem; the choice is up to you. I do like the way the worship was done, seeing that I love music.  Another thing that I learned was about Mephiboseth, the son of Jonathan, grandchild of Saul.
  • Anthony Grayson: This weekend I learned that life is like hid and seek. That we are like Mephibosheth. Mephibosheth was the son Jonathan and Jonathan was the son of Saul. When Saul and Jonathan died David ascended to the throne. Thinking that David would kill him Mephibosheth fled from the kingdom. He spent years in poverty until David’s troops found him. When they took him back to David Mephibosheth was expecting death, but was surprised that David took him into his family. This is relevant because we people hid from God because of all the sin they commit, but God will forgive you and show you kindness and accept you into his family.
  • Jazzmine Cunningham: At this year’s Encounter we focused on three things. The first is God has a plan for those who will follow. Man has a problem for they sin and make wrong decisions. Lastly, they choice is up to you whether or not you follow God’s plan. We also learned that I is the core of all Sin. Caring for only ourselves will cause unholy feelings to feel your soul. Encounter also taught that you can’t have an absolute yes with God without absolute no for all other. Just because you can’t have does not mean you are being deprived of something great. God will guide you in the right direction if you let him. All in all encounter was very enlightening this year and I am truly looking forward to next years.
  • Jermaine Cunningham: I really enjoyed myself on this trip. It taught me how to build a closer relationship with God. My favorite part was the spoken word. I really enjoyed the way she was able to express her love for God through her poetry. I found it really beautiful. Thanks for allowing me to witness the wonderful things I saw this weekend.

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