Men of Livingston Chapel UMC prepare to "Go Fishing"


A chilly Sunday morning in February found several men of Livingston Chapel UMC (Central District) busy frying bacon, sausage, scrambling eggs and even making homemade biscuits.  Sounds like a typical Methodist gathering but this one had a special purpose, to plan a fishing trip.  Yep, a fishing trip but this would be no ordinary fishing expedition even though the church is located close to the waters of Smith Lake.

The men had gathered to resurrect a group known as “Fishers of Men” that met years ago.  The talk around the breakfast table would not be of fishing line, hooks and lures but of service projects in and around the Crane Hill area.  The men are trying to bring back to life a group of men with a servant like attitude for the glory of Christ.  

Livingston Chapel has a history of getting involved in outreach projects such as Honduras Medical/Evangelistic missions, Chapel Hands Food Pantry, running a feeding station during the tornadoes of 2011 and other service oriented events.  It only seemed natural and the right thing to do when talk of the old “Fishers of Men” group came up to “let’s start meeting again”, and they did. 

The goal of the group is to share the message of Christ within the community they live by living out being Christian through some unconventional methods.  Things such as delivering a load of firewood to someone in need, changing a tire, fixing a meal, building a wheelchair ramp or repairing a porch.  In the midst of these projects do them in a way that presents the love of Christ for all peoples. 

The group will meet monthly to plan events, mission opportunities and oh yes, eat.  Their first project was February 23 with trimming and clearing of some hedges and bushes. 

May God bless these men when they hang out a sign, “Gone Fishing.”

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