United Counseling to offer Prepare/Enrich training event on June 27


United Counseling clergy and others working with couples to take this opportunity to enhance your pre-marital and marital skills by training to use the Prepare-Enrich inventories in your sessions. There is no question these inventories offer extremely valuable insight into the couples strength and growth areas. The couple workbook yields many strategies for the two to embrace their differences while cementing their relationship.

This workshop is designed to help facilitators learn how to administer Prepare/Enrich and provide feedback to premarital and married couples using six core and over 20 supplemental exercises. Learn to help couples identify their strengths and growth areas in categories such as Communication, Conflict Resolution, Spiritual Beliefs and Financial Management.

The next training event will be June 27, 2013, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Canterbury United Methodist Church in Wesley Hall. The training will be led by Rev. Sheri S. Ferguson.  The cost is$175  payable to United Counseling and includes: DVDs, Resource Guide, Sample Reports, Couple's Workbook and more.

The Registration deadline is June 14, 2013. To register, contact Carolyn Click at umpcc1313@gmail.com or call 205-824-8320. Click here to download the registration form



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